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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. NOW 1,050.000 baht Have another go.
  2. The Australian Govt. posted a warning about the Jet Ski Scam on their safe traveller warning email received today.
  3. I have been drinking RO water in Udon Thani for 10 years now. Ten Baht for approx 20 litre bottle delivered to my door. Tap water for brushing teeth, no ill effects so far.
  4. Up in Issan I was continually being stopped at check points for licence check etc. As my headlight is hard wired in ( always on when the bike is runnng), and I always wear a full face helmet and have a 5 year licence there was nothing they could get me for. Once they asked for the Registration book but I had a copy under the seat. They would wave me away with a surley flick of the wrist. One thing that always puzzled me was the question whether I had a Thai wife. I always said no until a friendly cop said to say yes. This shows a bit of commitment to Thailand. Since then whenever I am
  5. A lot depends on your body shape. If you are broad in the bum there is not much you can do about it in economy. On a 747-400 the seats are 3 4 3 . If you are 5 foot to 5 foot 8 inches you should be comfortabe with the seat pitch on Qantas/BA. I am 6 foot and always get an aisle seat on Qantas/BA and travel quite comfortably. Take into consideration the length of time you will be in the seat. BKK to Sydney is about 8.5 hours and Sydney to BKK about 9 hours. I do not know the times to Heathrow. John
  6. Doolish, congrats on your purchase. I think I know the developement. You will enjoy Udon Thani, it is a nice place to live John
  7. Doolish, If the Singaporean air force was not flying out of Udon when you choose and bought your house you may be in for a bone rattling suprise when they turn for the next exercise. Nice golf course at the Thai airforce base though. John
  8. Doug, check www.udonmap.com Everything you need to know about Udon Thani is there. John
  9. From Udon, 90 min bus trip to Nong Khai, ezxit Thailand, 20 baht for shuttle, enter Laos, pay 1500 baht or US$ 30, go to duty free, exit laos, shuttle over bridge, enter Thailand, bus to Udon. 4 hours max
  10. Has the drivers testing area been moved from out near the regency school to Rayong?
  11. To any Australians contemplating early retirement, please don't!!!! I need your tax dollars rolling in to support my pension so I can keep enjoying early retirement in Thailand. LOL John
  12. As a Qantas club member flying economy I can check in 25kg and cabin luggage 7kg. Both normally are slightly over and all the Qantas staff at Brisbane do is attach a heavy tag to the checked luggage. Maybe checking in at the business class checkin (but flying economy) helps a little. John
  13. landy2a


    My congratulations to England on their Ashes win. Must be nice to be a winner at last. 1989 June 1989 - August 1989 64th Australia 4 - 0 (2 Drawn) 1990/91 November 1990 - February 1991 65th Australia 3 - 0 (2 Drawn) 1993 June 1993 - August 1993 66th Australia 4 - 1 (1 Drawn) 1994/95 November 1994 - February 1995 67th Australia 3 - 1 (1 Drawn) 1997 June 1997 - August 1997 68th Australia 3 - 2 (1 Drawn) 1998/99 November 1998 - January 1999 69th Australia 3 - 1 (1 Drawn) 2001 July 2001 - August 2001 70th Australia 4 - 1 (0 Drawn) 2002/3 November
  14. Pity, had you been able to buy sleeping pills prior to boarding cab you could have slept for the 6 hours.
  15. I find it easier to ask likely candidates while waiting at the carousel. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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