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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Been there many times No complaints EXCEPT my last visit A freaking Nighmare Still fee quezzy .... Met a Thai Friendly girl there She was late... It was dark where i sat Long hair in her face... She arrived, quickly ordered a expensive Long Island tea Got her turned around and hair outta her face She FOR SURE did not look like Her TF PICS At least she was female Got stuck for the expensive drink Bailed to go find a 40 kilo coyote Ya think Pete would spot me on The drink? LOL OP get over yourself TIT EX: I am in BKK w wife I am the only white F
  2. Stayed there several times 2001-2003 NOT gf then Always paid I did not know better May be different now Lots of other choices better value In the Devils Triangle :)
  3. What we have? The drip? Herpes? Hot GF? Kidding Will try to post some screen shots
  4. Kindle rocks I have quite a few amazon books and almost 10,000 yes Ten Thousand books I downloaded FREE from Internet. Easy to do Easy to put selective books on kindle
  5. I have eaten there often Always Thai food Nice staff Great food
  6. I switched to vonage a year ago, unlimited for Wife to call LOS great deal foot note: i have 2 lines in house tested vonage on one for a few months however, got lines crossed up, and my main line was the Vonage absolutly no difference, sold me on the deal (however i have a cable modem and local provider almost top tier speed 15 mbs) saves me a ton on monthly wired service and a ton on long distance
  7. I have taken this route from LAX since it started two years ago I prefer the stop over in Japan, and midnight arrival, which was the old route.... HOWEVER this one rocks - leave reasonable time - board plane - hang, read, eat, I stay awake as long as i can - now it is 1 or 2 or even 3 am to me, i get a good nights sleep - up again for a snack, maybe read or a movie - arriving at Suwanabumi make sure your hotel has early check in or must pay for night before my BKK and PAts hotels both allow me a early check in -SSS, i have already set up a few girls before i left USofA -
  8. Gents Getting married in the vil (already married in USofA) need preferabbly first hand info on hotel in Chiang Mai prefer country setting, quite, not a freaking highrise :) will be spending time in Bkk after so dont need the city stuff any help with names would be appreciated thanx in advance bw
  9. I have done 30+/- trips by going upstairs to the departure level recently, Jan, April and Septemeber I dont take the first tout I try for one about to leave before the traffic cops give him the boot I paid 1200 again this trip I have the stewardess write in Thai "you pay toll" on a piece of paper I write the negotiated rated my only prob is shitty drivers I can give directions in my poor thai to Soi 3 JMHO
  10. member since '06 34 posts now in LOS i HOPE you are calling your realtor to sell the house, your boss to quit and wife to tell here you wont be back :)
  11. I like to cut my hassels if possible Making a reservation with someone is on the "hassle and potential problem list" I grab my carry on Exit baggage claim Walk all the way to the right Elevator to Departure level Grab a taxi direct to Pattaya Agree on 1200 before including tolls I write on a piece of paper, show it to him so it does not change Always include a pit stop at the mid way point for a coffee and pee Do i get beat up cars and scary drivers? 1) i see the care before i get in 2) scary drivers..... rarely :)
  12. i would be concerned about switching phones on you from yours to a clone if you watch them do the work, cool i had a buddy have his phone switched gave the guys the phone, then they disappeared for a while came back with the same color, but now had a thai key pad (was a moto phone) i have had service work done and when i could not watch, they refused jmhe
  13. Been shaving the shaft and balls for 5+ years Me: Trim the upper abs with a sideburn trimmer Shaft and Balls: new razor, COLD water, shrinks up the sack Shampoo, not shaving cream once done, daily or so real easy to keep shaved slick Shaved cock and balls on shaved pussy, the best !
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