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  1. I think your chances would be better than average. Hang out a bit at the pool and get friendly with the reception girls.
  2. TY, I've flown NW numerous times from Tokyo to BKK and just used up the last of my miles. I won't fly with them again just because the 6 am departure is a killer! But if price is an issue, they are hard to beat and United has a similar schedule/price. Stay your first night in BKK, you'll still have a few hours to party even after arriving at 11:45 pm. I stay at Pattaya my last night. Normally manage a ST and a few hours sleep before leaving at 3 am. At that time you'll get to the airport around 4:30-45 am and can nap in the back of the car.
  3. Floyd, I booked directly through Priceline Hong Kong. The price of roughly US$60 a night was in October. I could dig up the email address if you need it.
  4. That's it JTE. Roof Garden Inn. All these garden joints gets confusing.
  5. Hank a lot depends on your budget. BKK costs more. Have no fear of the 'resources' drying up. Just imagine an atom that keeps on dividing and dividing, and dividing... As others said earlier, have 1-3 days in BKK first then head down to Pattaya and decide form there. If you get bored with the bars and 'research', the advantage Pattaya has over BKK is easy access to golf courses, fishing, diving etc.
  6. Another option to check out on the way to Jomtien is the Roof Top Inn up the road from the RG opposite the Sugar Hut. Heard good reports.
  7. It's in Jomtien, a 10-20 minute baht bus ride from Walking Street depending on traffic. You'll have no trouble finding a bus. Never stayed at the Boat House but dropped by for lunch a few trips back and was impressed with the casual feel of the joint. The steak sandwich would feed a boat of vikings! It's a sister hotel of the Residence Garden, the board's recommended hotel. Jomtien's a relaxing enough spot but the beach is filthy and a real put off.
  8. I went through priceline HK last month to stay at the JW in BKK for 2 nights. Couldn't be assed bidding etc so just emailed them and some sweet chick did the rest. Cost me HK$500 a night ++ (minus $100 off total) The Marriott at Pattaya is not up to usual standards (small basic rooms) but they do serve the coldest beer by the pool! 8)
  9. If Ray's man doesn't work out, there's a young Brit name Ian who teaches out of a driving range using video up toward Jomtien. The guys from Lewinskis and Sugar Shack (Soi Pattayaland 1) speak well of him. Drop by Lewinskis around 4 pm and ask the lads.
  10. As I'll be staying in the next room, can I add to torrenova's listed requirements that an ocean view would be great!
  11. I'l be back in Pattaya from October 14-21 and am looking to tee it up and drag my mate torrenova out for his first game. Had hoped to stick around for the big event but with work and visits to distant relatives in OZ/NZ it doesn't look like it's gonna happen this year. If any of you lads are up for a round, lets get together. Debating to brings my own clubs (pain in the ass as I travel light) or rent. I'll probably get to play 2-3 times in Thailand and 1-2 in OZ. What's the quality of rental clubs like? I remember a few years back the shoes where like clogs! Suggestions?
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