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  1. I would say you are going to zip through immigration and still have to wait 15 to 20 minutes on your bags.
  2. There are actually people that would believe this shit, namely the one who posted it. A reference to sheep is common, to denote the people who dont believe in aliens and other stories. Also known as "sheeple". He had every intention of implying that the people mentioned were from aliens. Otherwise what is the joke? Not funny however you try to stretch it.
  3. April is 10 months. You might get by with the first week of April, but all of those people were not born in the first week. Nice try though. NEXT.
  4. Jack nicholson, as good as it gets. We should have shotguns for this.
  5. I just stayed at the SeaMeSpring on the 6th floor directly across from the construction (2 -24 May). The noise wasn't too bad and only in the daytime 9-6. The noise wasn't bad at all, just some loud banging once in a while. I slept during the day and went out at night and my stay was fine. SMS2 probably would only be affected with the rooms on the Soi 10 side.
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