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  1. So, What are the room rates ??? Daily, Weekly, Monthly...
  2. Questions: Girl Friendly ? Current Room Rates? Weeky, Monthly ? Room differences ? Location ? Seems too good to be true.. Clean, Good Staff, Hot Water, Air Con, Good Beds, ect ???? Pros and Cons. TIA geedeeo
  3. So, Has anyone actually stayed at this hotel? And what was the experience ? Service, noise, clean, trustworthy, safe, beds comfortable, water hot, ect. geedeeo
  4. So.... What is the answer to the original question??? Is the Hard Rock girl friendly or not ??? Geo
  5. I have stayed at both hotels. Room size is about the same for standard balcony rooms. Pros and Cons.... Dynasty Inn... Large walkin shower. Very small pool. In-room safe Small Fridge. Dark Rooms Very good staff. Free bottled water. Good bed. Can be noisey at night. Sandy Spring Hotel... Tub and shower combo Large pool No in-room safe Larger Fridge Very good staff Good bed Very quiet at night Good room service from Haven next door I recommend both hotels... Both are girl friendly.. All the Best. Geo
  6. Just for fun, Lets compare apples to apples.. Last year I had my teeth cleaned in the USA by a dental hygentist for $85.00 at the dentist office that I trust and have been going to for 20 years .. ie.. Not a dental clinic. I paid for it. This year I had my teeth cleaned in Pattaya by a DDS (Doctor of Dentistry) for $20.00 (700 baht), not a hygentist.. BTW. She had a gentle touch and was educated in the USA. I dont know about fees for fillings and extractions... Thankfully.. These are just my experiences... Chase your dream.. Geo
  7. Sandy Springs is a great hotel on Soi 13. Maybe a little rich for your budget ? Geo
  8. WOW.... I am wondering why BOB only responds to good comments about his eatery ???? And does NOT respond to any negative comments ???? I can only guess that he doesnt really care about customers. Just like on Feb 14, 2008. I am still waiting , BOB.... This goes back to a post from March 6, 2008. geedeeo
  9. Help me out. Been coming to Pattaya for 7 years. Coming again Jan-Feb 2009. Looking for a monthly rate room. Near Beach Road... such as Dynasty Inn, Sandy Spring, Sunshine Hotel in Quality. But do not want to pay the day rate. Thank you in advance. Geo
  10. Never stayed there. Always stayed at the Sandy Spring next door. Much nicer place with great staff.. More money. Haven does have great food at affordable prices... Highly recommended.. Golf outtings 3 days a week... If you want it.. Costs are inline , but with the scheduling, It can exhaust an entire day. Yes, the crew are very clickly (British and Aussie)..... But, I grew to know them and they were kind to me. I am from USA. I will always stop in , eat , and talk to Steve. But I think I will sleep somewhere else. Geo
  11. Overpriced and too far away from everthing. Maybe more for church goers. Geo .
  12. Stayed there in 2002 for 3 days. Nice hotel , good eats on the top floor, good pool. Not girl friendly, has a joiner fee, not near anything, need to take taxi to go anywhere. Would not recomend for a tourist... Good for an overnight stay only. Geo
  13. Thanks for all of the advice... Does anyone know what the current monthly rates are for the LK Manison are ? Their web site shows rates from 2006. I am am just looking for a standard type room. They only show suites on their website. What are standard room like? Thanks again in advance. Geo PS. I am not interested in the Sky Top.
  14. Looking for a monthly rate ....... 10000 to 12000... For a room similar to sandy spring or dynsty inn type rooms.? I do not need to be within 2nd road I am looking for a monthly rate .. Can you help ? Geo
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