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  1. In court, Plummer's lawyers argued the drug was not listed as illegal in the UK travel advisory. The UK's decision to add a warning against carrying tramadol while traveling to Egypt was issued in November -- a month after the arrest. "For someone to be found guilty of drug smuggling they have to be aware that they are possessing narcotics," Plummer's lawyer, Mohamed Othman, told Reuters. "Laura did not know that what she was carrying was a narcotic. This is pursuant to that tramadol 50mg is a painkiller in her country, England. When she brought the tramadol, she believed it was a painkiller."
  2. Have you ever visited Hampshire or Wiltshire with the wonderfull New Forest on our doorsteps and the quite wild coastline?. Salisbury Plains to our North, the Cotswolds close by and then Devon and Cornwall?? I lived in Manchester, Oldham and Saddleworth for a few years and wild horses couldnt drag me back to those shitholes. And Liverpool? I went there just once for a day and night and to me the place was a horror story, apart from the fact I couldnt understand a word the locals were saying !! London itself isnt a particularly nice place, its a Business city, a Government city and a Histori
  3. Its where us posh people fly from But what with all the kerfuffle about that poor girl getting 3 years for taking painkillers to her boyfriend I wont be travelling with a raghead airline any more as I have to carry medication thats totally banned there and in most raghead countrie's. And yes I know it was Egypt and not Dubai but Dubai regs are even stricter than Egypt. I know I can get a list from My doctor but for other reasons I dont want him knowing where and when I travel So its either Eva or Thai for me. Though SIA fares are rather good via Singapore.
  4. Not a bad deal but Skyscanner wins Hands down "To redeem this offer, simply enter promotional code FLYMOREQR when booking on qatarairways.com and start packing your bags. Don't wait until it's gone. This special offer ends 15 January 2018 and is valid for travel before 31 March 2018 only.*" Using the above code I tried 2 weeks in March and it came out to £450.21 BUT Skyscanner showing Traveltrolley price for Qatar at £412 for above dates. HOWEVER, Curiously I just tried outbound on 10 April back on 26 April using that code and it came out at £453.21 ??? Skyscanner showing Emirates
  5. Yeah I saw it was on but missed it as I had my Edelbrock Carb in bits on my workbench !
  6. The Chinese have said they are effectively going to make Snooky a Chinese specific resort and are, I am told, actively buying up anything they can in and around Snooky. It must then follow that they will make bloody sure the authorities upgrade the airport to a decent standard
  7. I dont think BA realise the way that the Internet can now give a damned good history of any flights and especially what aircraft are where. In my case when BA stated they didnt have another aircraft to replace the alleged 'Damaged one' I found (via people on another site) they had sufficient planes' on standby. As Heathrow was also BA's home base they had a legal obligation to have planes ready on standby. They just dont realise the info thats out there now available to everyone who has the right contacts and finding those contacts isnt difficult. The utter lies, misstruths and obfuscations
  8. Ahh memories of the Phantom Flan Flinger and the Bucket of Water Song. Such a great morning programme. Nearly as good as the Magic Roundabout on most evenings Memories eh? These are great lyrics for retirees. "The only thing to look forward to.......the Past!"
  9. Even back in the early 80's we were warned never to swim in Pattaya bay and if we wanted a sea swim to go to Jomtien. I did swim in the bay in the 70's though and there didnt seem to be a problem. Water was clean then and plenty of fish (live ones)
  10. Gives them a few more slats at various airports. "IAG also pointed to the "attractive slot portfolio" held by Niki in cities including Vienna, Munich and Zurich." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/12/29/british-airways-owner-snaps-niki-in37bn-deal/
  11. I'm convinced BA realy doesnt like the London-Bangkok routing. When I sued them for my 600 Euro compensation and was collating evidence I found one site (which I cant bloody well find now) that showed multiple 'Technical Breakdowns' cancellations and delays on that routing . Though they rarely have cancellations, they are usually listed as 'Delays'.
  12. My Thai wife makes THE most amazing Bacon and Egg sandwiches, seasoned with just enough HP sauce. I also found Marmite & Egg sandwiches can be quite good. (Good with a Hangover) Then of course there's the life saving Baked Beans and HP sauce sarnies or Baked Bean and egg sarnies. When I were kid we ate Vinegar sandwiches or sugar sandwiches. BUT as Christmas is now gone Im a bit sick of Turkey and red cabbage sarnies for a few months
  13. The thing with the Honey Hotel and the other cheapie the Golden Palace on Soi 2 was that, back when they were first built they were in a class of their own as they had swimming pools. In the 70's onwards The Honey was also close to the action at Soi Cowboy and the old Washington Square area.. The Honey also had those notorious Closed rooms where locals could drive their car in between the hotel and restaurant and into sort of cubicles where curtains could be drawn so the guy inside could take his short time lady out in privacy and into a room next to the car. Funny how some of us judge ou
  14. Sorry should have been Southampton, not Stansted. Southamptons runways is rather short but they own a huge amount of land around it so could possibly expand or even bung in a new runway. I think theyre waiting to see what happens to Bournemouth. I think the new owner will close it and build a housing estate making millions in the process.
  15. Yet indeed one did land there a few years back. Being 'Air Interested' its one of those things that make my ears pop up when theres mention of it on TV and as I live in Hampshre we get BBC Southern TV and it was mentioned on there. At the time I though hey thats interesting. But Long term Stansted own sufficient land to lengthen the runway. The big problem is the softlads moaning about noise from bigger aircraft. I would say if you dont want to hear airplanes, dont move near an airport. With respect to Stansted? I'll stick by what I said. I think things may start moving when they start a
  16. Now I cant find the evidence but I clearly remember a few years back on the BBC South News that a 777 had made an emergency landing at Southampton after leaving Gatwick. There was also serious discussion of lengthening the Runway back in 2014. Now with the recent sale of Bournemouth airport and the possibility of that closing and being sold for housing I can see the argument for lengthening the runway, but as far as I know the runway can just take a 777, theyve had A320's in there. The big problem is the airport facilities but there was also discussion of building another terminal anyway.
  17. Fixed that for you. Sandwiches are made from sliced bread, thats bread sliced either by machine or hand. A 'Sub' is a russian or chinese thing that kills Argentinians and Russians
  18. I never claimed anyone was a fanboy. But the evidence is blaringly there. If Stansted was such a catch why arent other airlines flying it Eastbound?. Emirates are trying for Market Dominance and flying from any airport they can get traffic rights from and Stansted will help them in this. Southampton would have been a better financial departure point for them but its not money theyre after. Anyways Like I said Time will tell.
  19. No it isnt. A Sandwich is made from sliced bread. Not a bread roll.
  20. Just a point. You are confusing departure airports from profit making airports. Emirates arent that concerned with profit. What they DO want is nigh on world domination of air routes and airports. Simply because there is a flight out of Newcastle doesnt mean they make a profit out of it and it would be interesting to see bums on seat figures from Newcastle. Newcastle simply cant support a daily flight, but Emirates dont care. The end justifies the means. Its called 'Market Domination' and thats what Emirates wants. Emirates can take the loss and it adds to their attempted world domination of
  21. That brought back some memories. My last trip there was around 5 years ago at Songkran and we were stood by the wall next to the pool on the 1st floor chucking buckets of water at passing people. Had lots of girls in there Good old place. Well the old Golden Palace on Soi 1 has gone now the Honey.
  22. Flight offers from London Heathrow Zanzibar Economy Class from £409 Goa Economy Class from £439 Bangkok Economy Class from £449 Singapore Economy Class from £479 Penang Economy Class from £489 Sydney Economy Class from £699 Limited-time offer. Book online by 23:59 Friday and travel within the next four months*. ALSO Earn up to 10,000 bonus Qmiles Book your ticket before 30 December 2017, fly to any of our more than 150 places around the world before 31 March 2018 and earn up to 10,000 bonus Qmiles and a potential tier upgrade.
  23. Oh dear. Take a look at departure destinations from Stansted. Most of them are relatively short haul European Hops, so of course the passenger numbers will be high.Ryanair and Easyjet. Emirates have at least 2 flights a day from Gatwick and Heathrow. They simply dont NEED an extra flight a day from a regional airport. I would be amazed if any of their flights ex UK run at capacity or near capacity (Though I am happy to be corrected here) Financially it doesnt make sense when they have inspection and maintenance contracts at LGW and LHR. I could understand them if they decided to run a dai
  24. Snow here last night

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