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  1. Can also be installed on a pc, which is how i talk to the TGF in Khon Kaen
  2. Not sure if I was given the correct information, but at the Truemove store near Tucom, was told I couldn't extend my previous SIM, which had expired, even though I'd received an SMS advising it was valid til November 2014. Salesperson told me that True now only extends life of SIM for 2 months. If you don't top up in that 2 month period, the SIM will expire.
  3. The website states has cooking facilities. From memory there was a wok in cupboard under the sink, but can't recall there being any other pans etc. Knives, forks, cups and crockery are provided and 4 large glasses, ok for drinking water, not real healthy for drinking spirits from Booked in to stay there myself from 9 Feb to 16 Feb and again from 24 Feb to 2 March!
  4. TG472 out of Sydney. Leaves Sydney 17.05 and gets to BKK at 22.35. Approximately 2 1/2 hrs later I'm ensconced in RG, ready to start the fun There is an earlier flight at 10.00, howver, that involves an overnight stay in Sydney, the cost of which covers two nights stay in RG, so I'd rather take the later flight!
  5. Hmm Jolly January! What is it going to be in February? Hope to visit when I get there in Feb and try some of this curry I've read about
  6. Sounds like you have the IE 11 browser problem with your laptop. I have same issue on my PC. Signing in from Google Chrome, no issues, but IE is my default browser, and when it updated from Version 10 to 11, it all went to crap! I find if I go to sign in page, then hit refresh button, I can sign in ok. But I can't watch any embedded video, and even posting can be an issue, sometimes having to click the more reply options button for the post to actually post. Also issues with trying to edit, and non access to emoticons. One day Microsoft will fix the errors or compatability issues, one da
  7. Thanks, nice photos, however it was ones from the party I co-hosted in 2012 (previously stated 2011, but it was actually 2012, damn I'm getting senile) that I was interested in. Mai bpen rai as they say
  8. lol probably a good thing. From what I can remember of the pics I did see while Gallery worked, I was a tad drunk (guess I needed the Dutch courage to co-host the party) and looked like a total goober :)
  9. Hehe I don't think the ones from the dance contest would be on FLB's FB page
  10. Ahh was wondering if Frosty or whomever was on photo duty had a cd of them for sale per chance? :)
  11. Any news on if the Gallery can be fixed? If not, anyway to get access to the photos taken at the November 2011 party that I co-hosted with Mi Papa?
  12. Thanks all for the input, I'll have to try a few of those out. My dad used to cook me Sunday brekkie when I went to visit him, eggs, bacon, mushroom, pork sausage, 2 slices of bread 'n butter and a pot of Earl Grey. Then he'd take off and leave me to eat it. Heaven!! Hoping to find something similar hehe
  13. From my previous couple of trips to Pattaya, one of the things I was unable to cope with was the so called "American" breakfast served at the hotel I stayed in. Bacon was what I think is referred to in UK and Australia as streaky bacon, burnt to a frazzle, the sausage was more like mini frankfurters (think miniaturised hot dog), the hash brown I won't even discuss! Only thing I found edible was the fried eggs. Is there someplace where I can get a decent breakfast - middle cut bacon rashers that aren't burnt to a crisp, mushrooms, beef or pork sausage and eggs? And a pot of Earl Grey!
  14. Was looking at 16th February 2014. Used the Thai Airways website to obtain the price for the flight BKK to Chang Mai
  15. Ahh yes hehe I quoted wrong website, was Seat61 not platform61 :) Only planning on the one way trip to Chang Mai, as I like train travel (have travelled on the overnight sleeper Nairobi to Mombassa, Trans Karoo Express and the Blue Train and caught sleeper from Orlando to New York) then flying to Khon Kaen. Price for 1st class 1453 baht compared to 2310 baht one way from BKK to Chang Mai via plane, so is relatively cheaper than flying. But mainly want to do it for the experience.
  16. Saw something on a travel show here on tv about the over night sleeper train to Chang Mai. Wasn't much info given, just the presenter sitting in bar and then heading off to bed. Anyone travelled by the sleeper train to Chang Mai able to shed any light on the trip? IE worth doing, avoid like the plague or whatever! Had a look on Platform 61 (train travel website) and it doesn't look too expensive to do the trip. Was thinking of then flying Chang Mai to Khon Kaen, spending a few days in the area and then flying Khon Kaen back too BKK. Any info would be appreciated.
  17. I stayed at Chaweng Grand View, booked through Agoda. Was a nice hotel, although a little far from the beach etc, but hired a motor scooter and let the TG drive me around :)
  18. Yes true but taking a brown paper bag from 7/11 back to your room with a take away doesn't really strike me as a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your girl of choice! Hopefully RG's considered a "place to sell alcohol under the rules on hotel" hehehe
  19. Damn, does the booze ban on 14th Feb include restaurants, or is it just bars/gogos can't sell booze?
  20. I know Bangkok Airways is based out of U-Tapao, as that's where I landed when I flew Bangkok Airways from Samui to Pattaya. And waiting 60 - 90 mins in for Customs and Immigration to arrive is better than being diverted to some other airport, or having flight cancelled altogether :)
  21. Would it be normal for Thai Airways to re direct fights from Swampy to U-Tapao if Swampy is closed due to assholes err people exercising their democratic right to protest over a democratic election they don't agree with? Have booked my flight for early February and would not like to see it all fucked up due to these people!
  22. The Italian restaurant in Walking St, just down from FLB does quite a good pizza. Had Seafood pizza there twice on my last trip late May/early June.
  23. Will be in Pattaya on 14th, missed the FLB Ban Chang crawl, so will be signing up for the DD crawl on 20th! :)
  24. Lol and in picture #2 bowl of red apples (?) on table yet in picture #3 they're green! Maybe a composite shoot of different units?
  25. Maybe it's just my strange sense of humour, but that was hilarious and I almost wet myself laughing reading that post and picturing the look on the wife's face at the end.
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