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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Adam, like the bar the website is top notch. It helps those of us that are unable to make the frequent trips to keep up with what is happening at the bar. Hope I can make it back soon. Regards, Bacon
  2. Here is a good website that will help you locate the budget airlines that serve in an around Asia. http://www.attitudetravel.com/lowcostairlines/asia/
  3. I stopped in this hotel today an asked them about making reservations via email. They stated that there email system is not working and you can only make reservation by fax or telephone. The fax number is 663 871 1006. There telephone number is 663 871 1005 or 663 871 1006. PM me with your information an I can stop by and confirm room for you if needed. Regards, Bacon
  4. Stopped at Lek to have breakfast yesterday morning. Pile driver next door was going and was annoying. There appears to be quite a bit of constuction going on throughout the soi. I am currently staying at Flipper House on Soi 7 and there are no construction noises here. There is construction across soi from Pig & Whistle on the soi but I have not heard any construction noise while walking by. Regards, Bacon
  5. I have used some of the following for discounted airfares to Thailand from the US. Not in any particular order of preference. www.orbitz.com www.qixo.com www.mobissimo.com www.travelocity.com www.expedia.com www.angeltravel.com www.airlineconsolidator.com There must be other travel agencies that specialize in travel to Thailand that offer airfares over the web. Anybody able to add some names to the list?
  6. I stayed at the Sandy Springs three nights Oct 9, 10 and 11. I had a room opening to Soi 13on floor 7. The noise was downright horrible during the daytime. Starting at about 8 am and ending around 4 pm. Fortunately I rarely sleep in late and it was not a problem for me. Construction noise from across the soi from a large power generator and jack hammers. Noise did not seem to be a problem when I was walking on Soi next Dynasty Inn. I would avoid Sandy Springs at the moment. Regards, Bacon
  7. Will be leaving for Pattaya from Nana area on Oct 9. Any interested in sharing cab? Regards, Bacon
  8. I used Classic Tailor (Pattaya) in January of this year. The quality they offer here is very good. There are cheaper deals to be had in Pattaya but when you compare the quality of materials you will get what you pay for. I purchased 3 shirts, cashmere sportcoat, wool gaberdene pants along with 3 ties for $US265. I could not be more pleased and I will return to this shop. Remember to get a good fitting suit you will need to return to the shop a minimum of two times for measurements. Any tailor who states only one measurement will IMHO offer a suit of less quality. Of course the price will refle
  9. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bkk offers online quotes for services. This place is quite convenient for anyone staying in NEP area of Bkk. Some of the regulars have probably noticed the cabs take a short cut through the entrance area of Bumrungrad on the way to Nirvana (NEP) when coming from Don Muang. I have read articles about Bumrungrad in the local paper here in Minneapolis giving them praise for the high quality of care and price. I work in the medical industry and quality is always the first thing I would look for in care. Price should be of secondary concern. Regards, Bacon
  10. As part of a package deal on Northwest I stayed at this hotel for two nights. By booking the hotel I saved $600 US on a flight out of Minneapolis. The hotel is a very classy hotel. Rooms are of a nice size and very clean. I had a tilac with me but she did not go near the desk when I checked in. So I cannot say if it is guest friendly or not. Food was very good but a bit pricey by BKK standards. The hotel is located near to the Grand Palace and very little else. It was about a 1 hour cab ride to NEP when traffic was at its best. First night I had trouble getting a cab to take me to the
  11. I have stayed at this hotel on a couple of different occasions. You cannot beat the location. The rooms are not large but they are always clean. I have stayed at the Nana which is just across the street. The Nana may have pool but with this hotel you really never know what kind of room you will end up. My last stay there the room was so outdated and was considered a superior room. The Dynasty rooms may be a bit smaller and the paneling is dark but the rooms are clean and not as outdated. I also did not see any cockroaches in the hallways at the Dynasty as compared to the Nana. I have s
  12. I have spent some time in Chiang Mai and find it quite enjoyable. However, I think that most sights and the city can be seen in 3 days. I stayed at the Chiang Mai Plaza which is one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. I did not have any problem bringing a lady and there was no joiner fee. I didn't stop and ask if there was one anyway and they did not hassle my lady. Price as I remember was about $45US per nite. It is very close to the night market and getting around in Chiang Mai is quite easy. Regards, Bacon
  13. I stayed here during the same time fellow boardie Jimmybb did. My room was very nice. The bed was very big and comfortable. My room was on the 3rd floor and there were no problems of noise from nearby construction. I was located in room 309 and this was directly across from the elevator and looked out at the pool. I brought a couple of different ladies back to the room and only on one occasion the front desk asked for and I.D. from the lady. It could very well have been the hour that I brought her back to the room as it was around 2 am. The girl did not seem to mind and it was not all
  14. Following another fellow boardies advice I opted to use "Classic Tailor" to have a cashmere sportcoat, gabardine wool pants, and 3 shirts tailored. I have the attitude you cannot get this kind of fitting in the states without signing away the farm so I selected the top end cashmere. In all it set me back about $275 U.S. I compared this sportcoat to the suit of cashmere I had made in 2002 and this is definately of a higher quality cashmere. Be patient and allow for the recommended minimum 2 fittings and you will not be disappointed. Both Jimmybb and I had suits made and are very pleased.
  15. I just stayed at the Nana last week and will make it my last time. I got stuck in a room that was booked as a Superior. It was a large room but very rundown. One of the first comments from fellow boardie Jimmybb was "I saw my first Nana cockroach." This was five minutes after checkin. Another fellow boardie Yesitisdakidd was about to checkin and gave the guy a bag of chocolates behind the counter and was told that his room was not quite ready. The guy was waiting for another guest to leave so he could give him the room which according to Yesitisdakidd was a very nice room. As far as p
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