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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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    So how were you treated that made you feel so disgusted?
  2. Hi That concession now runs at £165 and it is very difficult for the actual staff member to get a seat nowadays let alone their family.
  3. I didn't come to any conclusion, when I went through the booking process on Etihad.Com it said " miles reward with this flight 0"
  4. Just been browsing on Travelsupermarket and a couple of others and Etihad have got seats for April/May at under £400 , checked on Etihad . Com and they also have under£400 but you don't get any miles.
  5. Once you have passed through Central Security Search you can now purchase fluids, both alcoholic and soft , which you can now take on to the aircraft, but, you cannot take fluids through Central Security Search apart from in containers no larger than 100ml and secured in a resealable clear plastic bag blah blah blah. Swampy finally caught upwith most other airports.
  6. Hi I arrived on 8th of May on BA9 wheels hit the tarmac at 15.14 , I was through Passport Control (nobody there when I got there and plenty of lanes open) collected my bag which I had to put through the x-ray machine at customs and was outside at 15.47.
  7. Hi Opodo have Turkish Airlines LHR-BKK at £298.50 for next week.
  8. Agreed Tom.I believe IATA may have a say in their reluctance to perform this menial task. Unless BA is trying to save a few quid here and there. As my original post says this only applies to Domestic transfers, and I think IATA have bigger problems on their minds such as the state of the Industry.International transfers are not affected. Also can you please pinpoint the saving? BA still have to load the bag in London and pay to have it unloaded in Bangkok.
  9. Not an article Cheshire Tom , just a news flash in BA LHR News and also in Amadeus when signed into the BA009.
  10. Not sure about the other European carriers but BA have stopped "with immediate effect" transfering any bags onto domestic flights within Thailand, what this means is that if you are going to say Phuket or Samui and are flying from U.K. or Oz with BA you will have to go through immigration, pick up your bags then go upstairs and check in for your onward flight, no reason for the change seems to have been given.
  11. Just arrived home tonight,have to agree with Cheshire Tom the whloe trip DOH-BKK-DOH was on an older 340, also there were3 people on the LGW-DOH- BKK and 2 on BKK-DOH-LHR who all had printed confirmation of special meals, but none were onboard even though one guy checked in next to me and i heard them tell him that the meals were loaded onboard.
  12. Cheers Gus ! Thats 3 hours free drinking for the price of 2 pints in Witherspoons in Terminal 4 Thanks again
  13. Hi How did you book to get this discount ? I can't find anything on Egg.com .
  14. Stayed there last weekend, hotel is great but make sure you confirm your booking, I recieved my confirmation e-mail and there is a line on there about cancellation time being 4pm. when I made my booking I told them I would arrive after 6pm. I actually arrived at 8 pm to be told my booking was cancelled as I had not called before 4, tried to explain that I was still on board an aircraft so cannot phone and also pointed out it was a confirmed booking, wasted my breath, thay said had no room, only suite which they would let me have for 1500, I was knackered so accepted this, "wait 20 minute whi
  15. Contact Phuket Airlines as they are starting a new LGW-BKK service on june 3rd and probably have some good deals on the first few weks of service.
  16. Anyone stayed there? Do you reccomend or not? Thanks in advance Mark
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