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  1. Much more likely IAG. The bean counters amongst have won, cost is King.
  2. The main reason many airlines have not ordered A380's is because of the large amount of passenger baggage, the holds on the aircraft are full of baggage containers therefore no room for very profitable freight/cargo. Also they are not the most reliable.
  3. Had to phone Barclays from Isaan on Saturday as they had blocked my debit card, including logging on to Internet banking. They said that Thailand was one of the top countries for card fraud, so they had blocked it, despite me informing them I would be in Thailand between certain dates.
  4. marxere


    Not sure about the surround, but, I happen to know Eddie at Yates on Yamoto will be taking delivery of some boards around about the 12th May
  5. Dynamic Currency Conversion strikes again. Always pay in the currency of the country you are staying in when given the option.
  6. Just got of the phone to Mr T, he is closed on the 19th but will operate as normal on all other days. (+66) 038720318.
  7. Had an e-mail from Etihad today , they have LHR and MAN to BKK FROM £455, book by 31st March , depart between May and July. On etihadairways.com.
  8. If you actually believe sex tourists are somehow highly regarded by the people of Thailand, then you and anyone that agrees with you must be the biggest bunch of know sweet fuck all fucktards of all time on forums. So Knobhead where did I say that sex tourists are "highly regarded"?
  9. As I said "Knob" as in prick who thinks he understands Thai people because he lives in Pattaya. A bit like like saying you have toured America because you have been to Orlando.
  10. What the fuck are you talking about ? http://english.aljazeera.net/video/asia-pa...2520964413.html
  11. Sorry should have added thats from LHR , about £100 more from MAN, on the dates I checked.
  12. Villa check Etihad on their own site they have deals for most dates before April at £525, but need to book before end of this month.
  13. I was in Bangkok on Monday and Tuesday ,and witnessed a steady stream of European girls going into Raja Hotel. According to the girls in Annie's DoDo Bar they frequent the First Floor and are there for Arab, Indian and Thai men.
  14. Hi 407 Bus Service from Petronas at the Junction of Pattya Klang and Sukhumvit , it's a V.I.P Bus and it stops at Korat, Khon Kaen, and Udon Thani before terminating in Nong Khai,
  15. My Missus sent me a New Year's card at the end of November , I received in it March.
  16. You have UK in your Topic Title, and you talk about Brits and wanting to poke them Just to let you know Bobby Moore was English , so the chances of you winding up the Welsh and Scots are Zero, and it wasn't a shocking World Cup moment , it was a fit up.
  17. I must admit at the price I saw (£386) I was sorely tempted, but , the late night arrival and early morning departure would mean 2 nights stay in Bangkok (before and after my Khon Kaen flights) went for the £487 non-stop on EVA (12/10- 03/11) with Southall Travel .
  18. Read what you have written ... Prick
  19. Have tried loads of "English Breakfasts" in Pattaya, but have to say had my best ever 2 weeks ago in a Cafe in the walk through between Papagayos and Kiss Food called "The Little Wonder", not the cheapest at 150bt but 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Tomato, Mushroom, Bubble , Fried Slice, Bread and Butter(not sweet cake style bread )and a choice of drink ...Superb!!!!!
  20. The O/P asked about direct flights from London to Bangkok, so why are you even talking about connections to anywhere else?
  21. . But I literally have never seen a Thai EVER purchase, let alone open a tin of salmon. Ever. Even in Villa. Even overseas. That's why Carrefour doesn't have it. Are you the Chairman of Carrefour? If not why would they not stock a product just because you have never seen anyone buy it?
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