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  1. Good price. Many dates october, November. Found it for $685. http://goo.gl/flights/oMab
  2. You can get many out of LAX by taking the late night early AM flights but you will have a connection out of Japan, China , Seoul, Taipei etc
  3. I used her services and was quite pleased. She was on time and was a very safe driver. Very pleasant in conversation but not at all chatty. I will use her again.
  4. So I am gonna try her service. Have a trip from BKK to Pattaya and a separate trip back to BKK. I must say, she sent multiple emails to clarify and discern how she can be perfect. I like that.
  5. Seems your site is a funnel for other paid websites. Absolutely no info on your girls or services.
  6. It's great she has joined the community and supporting. It's been awhile. Shouldn't this thread be here? http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/forum/34-barsgogosbusiness-owners-forum/
  7. Thai officials have for years looked the other way on the counterfeiting activities and the black market in stolen documents such as passports. Rest assured they will squirm their way out of it.
  8. The embassies of the respective countries were notified of the people on the passenger list which put into action the govt reaching out to the families. That is when it was discovered the people weren't on the plane and the passports had been stolen. Comforting.
  9. Oh... and I am flying a Cathay 777 LAX to HKG next week. Hopefully I will be able to sleep. You give up control once you step on board.
  10. It's all speculation at this point. There was an Air France plane that fell from the sky off of South America due to erroneous pitot tube readings. In that case the pilots were trying to gain control for 4 minutes without calling in a distress call. Interpol does have a database of stolen passports that China and Malaysia have access to. Whether they looked at it... we will soon find out.
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