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  1. Used to get Bangkok post in Starbucks.Expensive coffee though.
  2. Thanks for the replies.Thought I'd try retox game on,but no good,so went to Robin Hood and caught up With latest Brexit crap.
  3. What's with retox and Witherspoon's no longer having the papers to read in the mornings ?
  4. just paid £26 for next week through Travelzoo Scottie
  5. Hi, watched first episode of Gomorrah and thought couldn't be bothered with subtitles.When I got into it thought it was great.Waiting for the new season. Scottie
  6. Hi 4wheels, been going to Fort Myers since 1984 and still have a great time. Thanks for the welcome Scottie
  7. I'm flying london to Fort Myers with Delta in September.Heathrow to Atlanta is with Virgin then Atlanta to Fort Myers is Delta. Scottie
  8. Thanks for the report.Am staying across the road at Maytara and see the advert every day.Saved me from the trouble. Scottie.
  9. I wasn't going to book the fast track this time,but changed my mind at the last minute.When I arrived last week I was glad I did as I have never seen so many Chinese queing.The lady said there are so many here now. Scottie
  10. I think last year on leaving the plane at Heathrow passengers were told to have passports ready as soon as we got off the plane. Scottie
  11. I have used fast track on entry only with no problem.Worth the money. Is it true free for over 70 ? Scottie
  12. Hi. booked Delta to Fort Myers next month.Flight is being done by Virgin.Good news. Scottie
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