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  1. This is just what I will do next weekend! Are you open for the early games tomorrow morning?
  2. Thanks for the comments and ideas! As it turned out I streamed some of the games in my condo on my laptop but I should have done what Mr Egg suggested an gone to his bar! That is exactly what I will do next week!
  3. Does anyone know of places to watch NFL games live in Jomtien at 12::00am?
  4. I'm in country now and want to get a retirement visa does anyone have any advice on a good Visa company to this done?
  5. Do you guys have your Social Security direct deposited to a Thai bank account or US account?
  6. I was wondering if any of the board members have a condo to rent for a year staring January I 2018? I'm looking for a furnished condo with a full kitchen, washer machine, one bedroom (preferably separate), pool for 10,000 or less! I'm willing to consider all areas of Pattaya or Jomtien. Thanks.
  7. I'm staying here at Suyus Curt now with a poolside room and absolutely love the place!
  8. i going to give this place a try in 2 weeks when I'm back in Pattaya!!
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