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  1. I did not think this was being done but both United and Northworst have Nonstop flights for the dates I am interested in check it out and at 763.00 the price is not bad. http://www.airtreks.com/airtreksandairfare...1roundTrip.html The dates I requested were Jan 16th departing and returning Jan 27th
  2. Emil, Was that out on Auburn Blvd ? I managed a Hof Brau there back there late 70's
  3. WOW Kjvegas you don't mean the Lady Luck do you ? If so your so lucky ;D ;D
  4. Shit give me the right woman and I would go that far and further for just one I know JimmyBB would also if she had big hands.
  5. The Problem I have with the Sandy Spring is you have to sign a form saying that your TG will not use the pool or other public areas what ever that means this thay told me Via email so I told them to stuff the room. I like to get in the pool with the TG and it won't happen there I vote for the Flipper Lodge on Soi 8 Very TG friendly and the beds are HUGE !!
  6. Yes your right I fucked up I read your post wrong sorry guy
  7. Tom IMO Cathay has always been a notch above Eva as stated thats my opinion
  8. So Fucking what BB, Mark and I Played Switch does that make us bad guy's ? By the way Mark whats for dinner dear
  9. Jimmy, Anyone in this photo you miss too mut ?
  10. The Beds are huge and all one piece not two twins put together and got what I feel is a good rate for Aug of 700 Baht City View. This room was a Sea View and too much noise from Soi 8
  11. got a late aug flight on expedia for cathay pacific 781. 00 sfo/bkk r/t and onmyway got same fare lax/bkk cathay is a good airline to fly.
  12. Free is too much for a room at Giligan's
  13. Going on BIGDusa say so I used him for pick up last trip 2 weeks ago. He was waiting as agreed off we went This guy speaks great english and can book you rooms at a reduced rate as well. I happened to mention to him that I needed to get a recharge card because I was out of minutes on my prepayed Dtac account he told me he could call his office and get the numbers and have my phone minutes topped off as I checked in to the hotel saved me doing it later and no charge other than the cost of the card. I replaced my phone with a new model on this trip and since I did not want the Mrs to see the
  14. Thanks for taking the time to answer regarding those seats I have booked For Aug 22- Sept 2nd I just can not keep away. When you return we should get together with SF Dude and swap stories and Photos Giveum hell for me............
  15. Has anybody been in a far back row in coach ? I booked my trip in Aug and as I was looking at the seating lay out it looked as though the very back 3/4 rows have only 2 seats on each side instead of 3 like the rest of the aircraft I for one would not mind being in the back of the plane if indeed there was that much room any board members bin there done that ?
  16. My second trip I got winning bid of 470.00 that was total price but it was on JAL and there seats seem smaller but price was great. It will never happen at 300.00 for you I don't think
  17. Stayed there my first trip to LOS May 99 and I will assure you they have not upgraded them since and they were a shithole then very close to the Stable Lodge on Soi 8 which By the way is another Shit Hole. See Posting from JimmyBB on the Stable.................
  18. I reserved my ticket around Christmas for 600.00 Departing a week from today. I called to confirm and she asked me about seats and where I wanted to sit I told her a seat as close to the front as she could put me. She gave me my seat numbers for all 4 flights SFO/TPI TPI/BKK and return well I went into the Eva web site to get a look at where I would be and much to my suprise there Evergreen section seats. Was this a mistake or because of few travelers are they doing this to others I wonder. When I bought my ticket on line I was quoted 600 for the cheap seats and 750 for evergreen deluxe. s
  19. Pacificsea, I have used Korean 6 times and if the layover is 8 hours or longer I have been given a room at the hotel there in the airport. It is real nice hotel that would cost 35.00 for 8 hours if I had to pay and I never had to check it out.
  20. Emil is there a visa logo on the Debit card ? And if so you say no problems using it in LOS ?
  21. I just booked this fare for my wife to visit PI while I am with the honeys in LOS. Check it out VERY good price !! http://www.koreanair.com/Promotion/pr_Deta...destination=MNL
  22. ANA Airlines last May SFO to BKK R/T 485.00 Cash total no miles used
  23. Will be back May 11th for 9 nights leaving to come home May 20th Will you be around ? I was just thinking about you today remember that little girl of mine you liked so much ? Her Husband in london dumped her She called me and wants me to go to Liverpool to have a holiday with her there She is staying with a friend from her old bar and her husband. I do not believe this guy dumped her This girl never used the word no. There was nothing she did not or would not do I don't have a clue what the guy was thinking But I hated to tell her but I told her so it would never work. JimmyBB was wit
  24. I fucked up Sorry :-[ try it now guys www.pattayarooms.com
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