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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hey what the fuck you asked a question and no one had the answers so no one responded. Then you get a case of the hips and want to take your ball and go home. Well believe me your pass on the FLB is not going to close the place up. There are MANY board members that have never been in FLB. Lighten up
  2. Wisbadger, Please read my post again I wrote that never once did I not feel safe.
  3. Soi7

    U.K Banks

    Not Sure about about UK but when I use My ATM card issued in Califorina I can go into a Internet shop 5 minutes later and it has already been Posted.
  4. I Have been to Pattaya over 20 times and many of those alone and never once did I not feel safe Day or Night. Have fun
  5. That is the place that Onmyway has stayed I believe and though the rooms are nice they are small and NO WAY worth 1400 Baht right between King Kong and another ST Bar and an Ex FLB girl was running it also
  6. doorman, even if they confirmed 100% for sure there would be a bombing in Pattaya I would still go just can not stay away !!
  7. Emil, Nice to see you are back to taking Showers
  8. Ty, Curious what you paid for that ticket JimmyBB and I and flying that same Route Feb out of SFO and we paid 760.00 which at the time was 1400.00 Cheaper than anyone else. Bought our tickets about one month ago. Now I have a friend that want's to join us and that same fare is now about 1300.00 an increase of 500+ dollars so he passed. My exwife sells alot of Tickets for PAL and she asked the agent she sells for why the sudden increase and was told that they sell about 25% of the seats then at that price when that level is reached they increase the fare. Agent claims that doing th
  9. someone once posted that you get the best airfare right AFTER you have booked your flight
  10. SocalGuy, I have flown Cathay, JAL, China , Korean , ANA , NW , Eva , all in the cheap seats and IMO of course there are only 2 I would not use again and they are JAL & NW . I really like Korean very much and China as well Korean is now my airline of choice due to there Visa very easy to collect mileage Shit I pay everything including my mortgage with it. 1 mile for every 1 dollar spent.
  11. Too Many People get too worked up with using CC on line This is how I handle it really easy if I did not charge it I am not paying for it so if Fraud takes place then the CC Company and Shop Keeper fight it out. I have been a seller/buyer on Ebay for 6 years and when buying I always use a CC not 1 problem I think this Fraud thing is blown up too much As Always My Own Opinion
  12. SHIT !!!! Looks like you will be going alone
  13. Yes Emil works for me have him pick me up in Vallejo
  14. you will need a convertor or it will burn out the second you plug it in at 220V the ones I buy run on Gasoline no problem with 110 or 220
  15. Yea last time I took her for a quick blow and go the guard at the lift asked for her ID card well she went off on that poor guy I thought he was going to cry needless to say she did not leave her ID
  16. Shit that's no big deal JimmyBB told me he called Northwest about listing a DC10 as the equipment being used LAX to Tokyo thinking it had to be a mistake well turns out no mistake and that was LAST YEAR !!
  17. Emil you don't understand the Hoover we take back to the is the cocksucking queen from the Soi7 Biergarden not the Vacume cleaner
  18. I want to get back to AC but have a TG in Thailand I want to see also so I started to look at Tickets just for SFO/BKK and for the dates I want they are about 850.00. So for the hell of it I check the open Jaw ticket SF to Manila to Bangkok back to SF and found this a fantastic price 781.50 all taxes included from yahoo travel (Travelocity) and I like the times as well. Trip Summary Fri, Feb 18 8:45pm Depart - San Francisco, CA (SFO) Philippine Airlines 105 Sun, Feb 20 5:35am Arrive - Manila, Philippines (MNL) 1 Stop Total Travel Time: 16 hrs 50 min Fri, Feb 25 10:30am De
  19. Hub, Everyone I know JimmyBB also has a nightmare getting the freebee from NW he has to jump through hoops I know cause he always calls me crying about them. What's this shit about you going again soon ? Well Fuck all the ones I missed !! Have a great Time !! Larry........
  20. 70,000 but I am sitting on 45,000 in my account now I will be using the upgrade from the cheap seats to business class and that's 40,000.
  21. I have used Korean on Most of my trips and been quite happy with them So when offered this card I took them up on it. Yes 80.00 annual Fee but Shit I take 3 trips a year Korean is almost always among the cheapest when I check the prices. Also the 100.00 Discount once a year will cancel out the 80.00 Annual fee And the Passes to the VIP Lounge are a huge plus. I will get 23,000 Miles by purchasing My ticket for the Feb Trip Based on 5000 they give for the first use. the Ticket is 800.00 so double that is 1600 and the miles of the flight it's self are 16,000 R/T The APR is currently
  22. Yea it matches the one in your Apartment Garbage boy
  23. I Stayed at the Nana while in Bangkok the location is second to none in gets a lot of bad press here but well here's my review The room I booked online and prepaid because of my arrivel time cost for standard room was 1000 Baht and that was for 2 persons and included the breakfast each day so if you subtract the breakfast from that 150 Baht x 2 300 Baht the room was only 700 Baht. and really a good deal. Large room with huge bed Very Clean and saw no signs of bugs. No noise to speak of at any hour of the day Good TV and many english stations Great Water Pressure any time of the day. Th
  24. I made my first trip about 9 years ago and IMO nothing has changed
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