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  1. Socalguy, Getting a 1 year Mulpty entry is no problem I gave Ting Tong the info on how to do it and it was done you don't have to be 50 you don't have to get married PM me if you want the details.
  2. I do alot of walking about 5 miles a day I would guess there is Swimming and TV theres a bunch of things you can do also clubs to Join Though I have not But keeping active is #1 Then there is always another board member to hang out with in town.
  3. Red, So I return today and they say sorry we not have a email address but they will take a booking by fax the # is 038423995 Phone number is 0384286323 I will book for you if this is where you want to stay if you give me your Name and dates of check in and Check out. and if they do not require a deposit which I am pretty sure they don't. Let me know S7
  4. Don't book this place till you PM sa teef he might have posted a review or just search Sanya
  5. The Nana is still OK with guests they just take the ID cards at the Elevator.
  6. Yes you have the location correct you can enter on either Soi Lengkee or Soi Bukkou I will get you the Email address tomorrow. S7
  7. RedRackam, Here is the score High season 700 Baht and that's after the 15th of Oct Till that date it is 600 Baht and they will discount on stays of 10 days or more. I thought the place is very nice clean and well taken care of also. Nice pool and lots of seating around it. I do not know about JP Court but this is right on Soi Bukaow almost at Soi Diana short walk to Second road and Beach Road There is a lady that sells chickens out front that look very good and a place called Express Laundry just down the soi that does 100 Pc of laundry for 500 Baht. The bad news is I asked for
  8. No pool at the Metro but the Sutus has a nice one I will get the Email address for you tomorrow on my daily walk.
  9. I walk by this place everyday and looks OK location is OK many many places in this area Try the Metro Apts they quoted 400 per night and free Pool tables 3 of them and free internet in the lobby Rooms were nice Refig, Air Con TV and I believe a DVD player also and the place is less than a year old.
  10. There is a VERY respected Steakhouse in San Francisco that buys Select Prime Ribs and sells them as Choice and buys Choice and sells them as Prime and they have been around for ever and have been doing this for 10 years I know of the avg joe has no Idea. Agreed but you won't find it in Pattaya Pork is nongraded and is all the same they would like you to think otherwise but that's not the case if not over cooked all the same. by the way kurubuta Birkshire are one in the same
  11. Pork is Pork it is not graded by the USDA there are companys that tout having a better product Birkshire, Sterling Silver to name a couple but there is no grading system for Pork For the US anyway as I can't speak for other countries.
  12. There are 4 main grades that The USDA uses Prime Choice Select No Roll The product the Sizzler uses is USDA Select they bring in there Product from IBP (Iowa Beef Packers) in the states as when having dinner there I questioned the manager and he gave me a little tour and showed me the product. I have eaten many a steak graded select and they were very good depends on how the USDA Inspector is feeling the day he grades them as he makes the final decision on the quality. He inspects the carcass quality and fat cover If he is having a good day the packing house he is inspecting
  13. This is the price Emil and I were Quoted when we went to have a look But it is a great location !!
  14. LK Metropole is a very nice place Emil looked at the 1 bedroom and it is VERY NICE makes the President Group hotels in Bangkok look like motel 6.
  15. You fail to take your own advise Mr Don't they have them there
  16. They will ask to see your ticket you will be fine If the Lounge is at all like the one in Taipai you will be in for a treat Slim and none. Just wondering why would you think you could get a freebe ? I guess it could happen but I would really be suprised can't hurt to try.
  17. Matters not when you buy your ticket as for the last 10 years I have purchased some where in the neighbor hood of 30 Tickets West coast USA to LOS and EVERY TIME I could have gotten a better deal had I waited So to answer your question the best time to buy the ticket would be a week or two after you buy your ticket
  18. The guy that owns that place used to own a very nice place in San Francisco. He decided to come here and open that place. The company I worked for in the states before retireing here in Pattaya sold him his meat he only bought top of the line product never cutting corners and in speaking with him here he buys the best he can get here as well Some like the place some don't That being said I think the Mexican food at the Blue Parrot is just as good.
  19. Can't say about the rooms but they had a shit load of lookers in the bar the other night
  20. True Korean had a good fare from SFO but as the small print stated 45 dollar Fuel Surcharge each way.
  21. So you go across the street and let them do it to you anyway ? You could not have cared too much as the flipper then extorted 500 baht from you and showed you no respect. But that was OK you need to make up your mind Pumpkin either you pay or you don't. As for kissing your ass Ok by me but we would have to do it together 3 of us in the room as you seem like a angry guy and I don't want to be there alone with you
  22. Give me a break So you check in look at your Minibar if it has in it what they say it does then what is the big deal leave a deposit and get it back upon check out 600 Baht ? while on holiday I would wipe my ass with 600 Baht well Emil and yes. my NY Yankee hat And you stated you were not about to pay a minibar deposit well you go across the street and what happens ? You pay a minibar deposit so what happened to I am not about to pay a mini bar deposit ? Upena, I agree this is the real answer but you try that shit in the Penthouse and they need a Baht Bus to take all the s
  23. In Cambodia I used Thai baht and in Mexico they accept US dollars all over and Though not for food or Drink I have used US Dollars to make a purchase in Pattaya a couple of trips back so this is not such a unreasonable question.
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