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  1. Well regardless what a prevous poster said if you bring that money over with you you may well get knocked back. I got my Retirement Visa in March and was told that it had to be wired in from outside the country to even be considered. Now that said another BM here renewed his Retirement Visa and did not wire in the money to top the account back to 800,000 and they still renewed it for him. So who knows changes depending on who you talk to. As far as Interest I am getting 5.12% on a 10 month CD with Bangkok Bank was a special deal in April. The TMB is offering 5.05 % but not sure the ter
  2. Sateef did a review on this place and gave it a thumus Down because on the noise and other things as well do a search and have a look
  3. Well no change for me here or there and the Software is not the same Here 2.1.7 and Secrets 2.1.5
  4. I have found the board as fast or faster than the other was anytime I am on it
  5. The Walker Hill I used was right at the airport and damn nice as well small room but had everything and was free
  6. Well you better stick with that service as I have been in and spoke to 2 taxi service Companys and was told that There rates will stay the same no change.
  7. The street Rates as a rule are about half a baht lower than the Net rates ........But Bangkok bank does a good job of keeping there site updated with there rates on the street
  8. I agree the drivers will be charging the same I would be willing to bet.
  9. I did a report on this place on another board a while back it was OK big clean Air Con rooms and a walking St location. The Lady that showed us around told us her Web site was not working and no email as well so one would have to do as you did Call.
  10. Depends on the Visa you hold some you have to leave every 90 days some every 30 days if they hold no visa but just a Arrival Stamp and some never have to leave the country
  11. Unless things have changed I was given a room for the 8 hour layover at no cost in the Walker Hill place there.
  12. Well as TIT I would not hold my breath that any of there plans come to be. Have a safe trip home Sir
  13. used to use them all the time never a problem
  14. Soi7


    someone is very good with Photoshop
  15. I know 2 guys that checked in for 3 weeks yesterday and are checking out today. They say the rooms are real shit.
  16. Korean started that shit years ago
  17. And these same guys are the wonder why the Hotels want CC Pre Payment
  18. They do scrape the bottom of the Barrel for some of there topics
  19. It is a Promo though so after the 10 Month term who knows what they will offer ?
  20. Bangkok bank had a Promo 5.125% on a 10 Month CD. I dumped a bunch in there. A week lated TMB had a 1 year at 5.375%. I believe you needed a Non Imm Visa to get this rates
  21. Owning My own Place and also motorbike really keeps costs down
  22. Wish I 1did would be nice to see them win a few on the way to the central division Flag
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