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  1. There are no more declaration forms they did away with them about a year ago
  2. Winston can tell you what happens when you buy more that that
  3. My TG and I were on a Motorbike riding down Pattaya Klang both wearing helmets and breaking no laws and a Policeman that was standing at the curb motioned us to pull over. My TG just went around him. I asked her why she did not stop she said why we have done nothing wrong. I looked back he he got another guy.
  4. Sunny, What sort of speeds are you seeing with your wireless ? I was on the phone with another member who was as a Cafe that had wireless but the speed he was getting was less than Dialup. it was Free yes but that speed is Painful.
  5. I have my Computer on and On line always never turning it off and have never in six months had a problem but then again I use Firefox instead of IE and I am sure that helps as well.
  6. And the New Sabai across second Road is sais to be better that the Lodge and the Inn should be opening soon
  7. I use the free Version of Zone Alarm and it works fine keeping shit off my computer
  8. Hard Rock has a Seafood buffet one night a week as well
  9. The Haven on Soi 13 700 Baht gets you all you can Drink as well as all you can eat and a spot on the pool and the pool will payout after every score change. Also the food is off the regular Menu Steven had told me. 6:00 AM opens.
  10. You will need to have the funds wired in from your home country as well.
  11. Try This FREE calls to Land lines and Cell phones in 39 countries. only catch is you need to buy 10 Euros of credit BUT if you call anywhere in the free countries then they never deduct from your credits so In my case Calling to the US is free. I have been using for 2 weeks not a problem. Have a look. I use Skype and it is also good but not free as this is. Voip Stunt
  12. Well I thought I would have gotten a email back from the publisher but nothing I guess that tells us alot about Publish America
  13. They have yet to and a bad review seem there doing something right great news for those needing transport
  14. Grand President I liked location a little bit off the beaten path but sounds like you will not be looking for a mongering location anyway
  15. So as I posted above a phone using a sim from outside the country would get around that you would think I don't think they know what the fuck they are doing
  16. One look and they can tell that Ting
  17. Another to add to my long list I will bring along Rawlins and Tab
  18. Yep you will never be the same ruined for life
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