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  1. Guido, When I went in to check for a friend they quoted me 750 and that's crazy money IMO for that place. Just down the Soi is The Cock and Bull at 500 and 550 a night much larger rooms and same general location.
  2. When members her find a good service they let other members know and the same should be when they find a bad one. Let us know who the company was so they can be avoided
  3. I worked 12 hour days to be able to finance 3 trips a year.
  4. I can not speak for TOT But TTT is and has been great I have in 10 months had only 1 problem a call to the call center and a tech was at my door in 2 hours and took care of the problem. I have the Maxnet4home package 512/256 790 baht a month. the Speed is constant as a matter of fact here is the latest speed test. Can't beat it with a stick I have referred 2 other board members and one was paying 2700 Baht a month for J-Net goes with out saying he was a happy camper.
  5. And how about those that can't ??
  6. Same Same with Bangkok Bank but it has a 150,000 Baht limit per day and I have no hassle of going in to the Bank for 20,000 baht as the ATM will give 25,000 per withdrawl. If it is lost same same as well can not be used for anything other that Cash from the ATM machines.
  7. Grand Sole Hotel on Second Road Sat Morning
  8. I have flown with China a few Times with out any problems.
  9. I have always paid up front with a CC and NEVER one time was there any problems.
  10. 37.59 to the Dollar on Beach Road today
  11. Yup just did this myself 5.125% not too shabby.
  12. 37.89 to the dollar on the street this morning.
  13. The Eastiny Residence hotel is indeed on Soi 10 And the Eastiny Inn is on Soi 8 same company.
  14. Hard time plugging it in there Sunny
  15. To say that place is a dump is giving it undo Credit Judge for your self. Photos of 2 rooms as I could not believe they were all the same you can do better.
  16. I agree I have flown 6/7 different airlines to LOS from the west coast US and JAL is the only one I would not use again. Cathay for 909.00 ? you is a Wheeling Dealing fool Sir Steve
  17. I really enjoy these threads regarding Retirement as there are those say you can not do it for less than 80,000 baht a month. Then you have those that are doing just that and could not be happer. No two people are alike.
  18. You may well be correct but are you sure they will pay a Foreigner 4.05 % on a one year time deposit ???
  19. Bangkok Bank works fine for me
  20. How much was his pension ? was he out on the piss every night ? Maybe he was not living within his means to begin with ??
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