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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Yea it is a good Unit and so small you can transport with no problem but it being 110/220 is really a great selling point for it and anyone traveling abroad.
  2. Yog, The first thing I would do is DON'T make any plans. I had My whole Virgin trip planned out back in 99 and the plan lasted only until I left the airport. There is so much to take in.
  3. If This is indeed what there charging for a fillet Steak it has got to be cut from a fucking Goat !!
  4. Nana charges you 1/2 the daily rate if you are out at 8:00 PM do not be late they will cut you no slack
  5. Here in the US on the west coast we have a electronics super store chain called Best Buy They may have them elsewhere also. Before My last trip I got a Cyberhome CH300 DVD Player for 36.00 US. I chose this one because it is small and it will work everywhere with 110/240 volts with out having a power conveter. I left it there for my TG and came home and got another one for me it plays ALL CD's and even MP3's As far as region settings I was able to get the instructions to set it for all regions from searching Google and it was only a matter of punching a code into the remote when it was
  6. http://dir.travelzoo.com/Air.asp?intCategory=10&id=144572 Check it out This is a great deal book Quick !!
  7. You Don't Like Manila Because things cost more there you cheap Fuck !!
  8. There web site say's there wireless in the suites as well as the Lobby.
  9. Can any one tell me of a hotel or 2 in Bangkok that I can connect to the Net ? And the charges incurred doing so Dial up or other wise and if it is a Cable or DSL connection do I need special equipment for my laptop ? Thanks in Advance 58 Days till Wheels up
  10. Shit I Hope that does not mean what I think it does
  11. This is quite true but I have never had a single problem getting the Fee credited back to my account Lazyboy, When I go to LOS I prefer to be the Fucker not the Fuckee ;D
  12. It has happened to me 3 times and all three times I let My CC Company ( Chase ) Know and they charged back the fee to the business That charged the Fee and credited my account back the amount. And all three times I got a nasty email from the Business also. My Sister worked for a Major CC Issuer and informed me long time ago the business are Never allowed to add a fee for CC use. It is in there contract when they agree to accept the CC. Reason being the CC company makes a Percentage on each sale regardless of the amount so if a business wants to add on a fee the customer may say forget
  13. Baz, Well me lad the truth be told I need to have more free cash on hand to buy the current TG more gold ;D Thanks Lazy I sent off a email to check there rates
  14. Looks like a OK place location seems good for Nana as well just wondered if anybody has stayed here priced right also. http://www.r24.org/bangkoktonight.com/bang...lainn/pictures/
  15. Last trip I got 6 dvd from vendor all worked not bad Quality.
  16. You can't beat that with a fucking stick I use Korean most of the time same Route SFO/BKK/SFO and I have no problems with there Cheap seats or Service But they get bashed a bit. And they are giving you Miles also which is not common on a flight discounted that much but they only give you 70% of miles flown if you fly the cheap seats. Give um hell
  17. Greetings , Welcome to the Board. If you remember to not take Everything to heart that you read on the board you will learn alot. I think it is safe to say that I am learning something new everyweek. There are a lot of what might seem like Flame wars that go on but in time you will see just fellow boardies banter among them selfs Good Luck.
  18. Just returned from LOS and spent the last 4 nights at the Nana and while not the Marriott it was nice ( My Room Anyway ) request 347 and you will be happy. 1600 Baht and yes I know you can get a better hotel for 1600 B but no better location this room was HUGE. This room had new redone Bathroom and new carpet 2 large TV's good channels two large seating areas and a seperate bedroom with 2 large windows 1 overlooking the Nana Plaza. Also had a dining area if you do a lot of room service or bring back dinner often. Room was very clean and no bugs or smell to be found this may not b
  19. El, I just bought a Siemens S40 from a seller on ebay triband and unlocked 58.00 good price. It will work there also. But the guy is full of shit about ATT phones not working there ATT here in my area is offering a Siemens M55 which is Triband GSM phone and a really good phone and will work with out a problem there I think what he ment was that it will not work there because it is locked to ATT but getting it unlocked is no problem A guy in SF can unlock any Phone and he charges 15.00 good price. You can find someone in your area that can unlock it also of have it done in LOS. Also ATT
  20. I don't know if this is what your looking for but after I shit my self I got some undershorts for 3 for 100 baht good price I think...... Oh and it was in the tent market.
  21. My wife used to be able to get me the JW Marriot for 64.00 a night Total through her employer a Very large Asian Import Export Company she is no longer there so no more deals If you know someboby that has a corporate account 64.00 Tax included is a very good price.
  22. I have flown 6 different Airlines all in the Cheap seats and I always seem to land at the same time as Business and first class does. In the cheap seats the only airline I would never use again is JAL NEVER again seats are smaller or at least seem that way. Korean China Eva Northwest Cathey Pacific All were the same IMO in comfort and service and I prefer Korean which is one of the cheapest as well. To each his own.
  23. The AC is fine any of you other old timers remember Pre Ben when it was TOO fucking hot in there always had to leave to find a cooler venue
  24. Jimmy as you requested I checked and YES the nice young lady that will be meeting you does as you had hoped have a Cock no worries 70 days till wheels up !!
  25. Yes they do and I am a member don't know if this is the difference but If they fail to let me prebook then I fly some body else.
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