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  1. No need to have a visa to open a account at Bangkok Bank they opened one for me and gave me a ATM card at once with just a 30 Day entry stamp in my Passport.
  2. You have your Opinion but I feel that if you do not spend a couple nights in The Nana then you miss out on the real Bangkok.
  3. Gotta agree with Hub The way I see it they are doing you a favor
  4. Not true they have baht buses running on third road from South Pattaya Road to North Pattaya Road in both directions.
  5. what were your monthly expenses for elec, ph, internet access Not sure about electric and water but I am getting 512 high speed ASDL installed for unlimited use 790 Baht per month good price I think. Electric & water I will know when I get billed it two weeks
  6. Alan, I did this a couple days ago also fast and easy !!
  7. Tony, Please keep your fucking comments to your self you are going to wind up helping some one and we dont want that
  8. Good Question Just ask JimmyBB he was stuck on a 35 year old DC 10 !! SFO / Tokyo
  9. Yea Emil you smart ass I get in at 11:30 PM so just have a seat and I will be along in 9 Hours or so
  10. Jimmy, They have rates based on the TG's you have taken back in the past and that being that you are damm lucky they do not quote you 5000 per night. S7
  11. Bill, The good news is it can be done as pete said by right clicking the image The bad news is it can not be done with Internet explorer browser. You have to use Opera or Fire Fox as your browser as they enable the right click to save where as I. Explorer does not. Fire fox is a better safer browser than I. explorer I would down load it and use it not only for the photos but for the added safety Easy download and install and Free as well. Firefox
  12. That may well be but a little Gasoline on a cat's ass and he can beat a motorcycle !!
  13. Very worst trip I have taken out of my 25+ trips was on JAL too small seating steer clear.
  14. Shit Korean used to get 30,000 Miles for a oneway up grade between SFO and Bkk and now they want 55,000 Miles I say fuckum and Feedum Fish !!!
  15. But Then again they got there asses Waxed by the Pistons last year
  16. Sounds like you have been following me around !!
  17. I have a friend that lives up north somewhere not sure where he came down to Pattaya to apply for the Retirement Visa as he need to take care of some business there as well they told him he needed to apply where he was living up north.
  18. When will they ever learn ? When will they ever Learn ?
  19. This Place used to be the Shithole of Soi 13 but granted that was 4 yrs ago or so maybe things have changed.
  20. Yes but you are a fucking Garbage Man so we understand
  21. She has a Thai Boyfriend. :frustrated P.S. Welcome to the board
  22. Great Rate May 1st to Oct 31st you can book a twin for 690 Baht Anyone been quoted less or seen posted for less ?
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