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  1. They will both put you in the center of the action just in two different locations.More GoGo Bars in the area of Diamond Beach and More Beer Bars in the Sunshine hotel area.
  2. I was told by China that miles are not transferable this was told to me 3 years ago could have changed and Delta is a member of Skyteam as is Korean, Air France, and NWA as well as a couple others.So that won't Work.
  3. Emil, All is not lost I know 2 freelancers that are good to go for a half bunch of Bananas
  4. Yes and if you download it it is loaded with other spyware use caution
  5. Korean and NWA are both members of SkyTeam so you should be able to get a freebe e on Korean with that much air miles give them a call.
  6. Girl Friend loves My Big Ten
  7. This is correct the airport is ultra modern very nice and clean and easy to get around upstairs near the transit hotel they have free internet as well.
  8. Of 25 trips to LOS at least 15 of them were on Korean SFO-BKK I am a big fan really like the service and your Korean and NWA miles are all in one as NWA joined Skyteam last year.
  9. Some of those are pretty funny !!
  10. And MSU beat them both go Spartans !!!!
  11. Emil, What were you doing out and about all alone your TG told me she was going to lock you up when you got there and have her way with you then deliver you back to the airport so you could go home and get some rest and recharge for May.
  12. That is farther from the action than the RG and he says that the RG is too far as it is. The Roof Garden looks good on the net.
  13. I Bank with 1st Pacific and US Bank here in No. Cal and have never incured a fee for using my ATM card in LOS or Philippines.
  14. I Booked online at one of the wholesalers and prepaid in full I double checked my numbers and indeed I paid 1020 Baht which included Superior room and the Breakfast for my TG and myself each day.
  15. I Second The Sabai Inn I Like the rooms and location breakfast included for two and it was very good and changed everyday I booked online for 9 nights 1000 Bt a night superior room I got this rate by prepaying I think they quote 1150 as standard non pre paid rate.
  16. Nice rooms but even the top rooms are like staying in a closet !!
  17. As Always YMMV I have been treated well each time I have stayed there and never seen a bug.
  18. Come on Mark that thing is smaller than my Trouser trout
  19. SHIT Sorry I just got back from TJ with Onmyway and I will never be the same anyway here goes From your Cingular Phone call 01166 then her number This is what I use everyday let me know if you get it to work S7
  20. Ting Tong is correct works with out a hitch I know I SMS 1 to 3 times a day never a problem.
  21. And I catch shit for over paying 3500 one way
  22. Emil, I have seen where you stay and ANYPLACE would be something better Hope you are having a good time Larry
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