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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Guys I bought a Thai cell phone at the market thanks to my TG for 1000 Baht with 300 Baht calling time and 1 2 Call sim card I tested it and it works fine. I got it for a fellow board member because he is Cell Phone, And Computer dumb. Came with the Charger and a NEW Battery not one of those huge out of date things either this is small pocket size same as a 8290 Nokia. The guy I got it from is at the market both days it is open and when I was there he had many good used phones to pick from. The first Board member that guesses who the member was that I bought it for gets a couple of bee
  2. yes if about nothing else this is one thing I am right about add 15 hrs from the west coast. Matters not to Emil he will be there in a week or so then who gives a rat's ass about what time it is he sure won't ;D Giveum hell Emil and we expect to see you at the next No Cal Meeting to tell us all about it !!
  3. Trvlr I use Korean from SFO and they have never failed to let me pre book seats I also have a shitload of miles with them maybe that makes a difference ?......... Oh Yea I also book next to the Bathroom ;D
  4. Hey left nut we leave LOS with a smile on our face ;D Roland well well............You Bitch ;D
  5. 12 O'Clock Midnight if it is 9 AM in Califorina. and Pattaya is not that big you can get anywhere from anywhere for very little money. Not such a stupid Question
  6. I have never noticed a price change from one time of the year to another I go 3 times a year Jan, May or June and Sept or Oct. But I do not pay attention really. I know the Airline tickets are always the same for me from the West coast between 625.00 to 700.00 and hotels I really never see a change Places where I stay run 1000/1500 year around I Know the RG prices are same for forum members all year round. I don't care when you go you can not have a bad time. But you may want to bring a extra Yankee baseball cap ;D ( ask Emil or JimmyBB )
  7. James what I ment to say was the Girls Love the Marriott 2nd to the Nana of course ;D
  8. Joker, I agree with Top Dog The landmark is not the hotel the Marriott is. Girls love the Marriott .
  9. No problem with girls there but the place is a shit hole at least the room I got a look at was dark and very damp smelling.
  10. I Have ATT as my wireless Company About 4 months ago thay began to have problems and I could no longer Text Message to My TG in Pattaya. I contacted them and they keep saying next month Next Month but still no good well I have Yahoo Messenger Playing around on it one day I stumbled on to the Mobile Icon on the top of the Messenger Screen and found that they support Thailand for Messaging That's the good news....... The Bad news is that Only Dtac is supported at this time but in My case that is fine because My TG is a dtac user. Hope this helps some of you.................
  11. I have flown to LOS 16 times in about 5 years and I have used Cathay, JAL, China, ANA, Eva, Korean And Northwest. Cathay was voted best airline in the world for 2003 and I flew with them my last trip but fellas I did not see it. I tried very hard to see what set them apart from the others I have used and (Keep in Mind this is my opinion) I saw no difference in them as a matter of fact they were not even the top of my list. Here is how I rate the airlines I have used. All flights were taken in the cheap seats. 1.ANA 2.Korean (yes Korean ) 3. Eva (Not Evergreen Deluxe class) 4. Catha
  12. The old time board members know that your story is bullshit Onmyway. 20,000 Baht ? I wipe my ass with 20,000 Baht . oh yea before Emil chimes in also with a yankee cap ;D ;D
  13. 19,900 baht a fucking night the place must have gold everything !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Emil, Do you know what a real Buddy is ? That's a guy that goes to town gets 2 blowjobs and brings you back 1. Right Jimmy old Buddy ;D ;D
  15. I Shot 3 Hours of Video but I had 2 light Bars with me and it was fine.
  16. You Spent more on gold for the girls than the airfare the proof is in the Photo of course you will tell any one that will listen that you were just there with me ;D
  17. Yes it seems that the cheapest flights and always the ones that come a day after you booked your non Refundable one I am an expert as is Onmyway :)
  18. Yes a fellow member of another board confirmed this . It is like a big hole in the ground full of water. 8)
  19. Emil, How long was that ? And does Thai still go LAX-BKK Nonstop ?
  20. Does anybody know why NW has only 1 flight in and out each day ?
  21. After Talking with Onmyway (Mark) he informed me that sometimes when you have a layover and do not change planes that they will consider it a non stop flight Maybe that's what is happening here ?
  22. I did not believe so either until I saw the site
  23. Strange they are listed as non stop flights both of them
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