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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Skate, I agree and Disagree If you have a job you really enjoy then you may be right but if you Simply dread your job can't stand the though of going to work then I would say pull the plug. God forbid if you were to die during the last two years in a real shit job. Then had you retired you would have gotten 3 years of retirement. No one in my family ever lived to retire so my though on retireing at 49 was that even if I live another year only I was able to enjoy it. Money just does not mean all that much to me anymore
  2. Sigi, You got me I knew there was 1 more must do
  3. Yes this is set to happen right after they cure the water shortage Repair Beach Road And get all to Reg there Sim Cards
  4. You to be there to tuck me in Pumpkin
  5. My TG's sister was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago and She was very scared not having been before. OnMyWay (Mark) his visiting GF from the Philippines and JimmyBB took time out of there holiday to visit her in the Hospital. Thanks guys very much as Ning (My TG) said it ment a great deal having you visit and by the way she was released today.
  6. Is there such a thing ? I always thought nothing was guaranteed
  7. What Irishman is trying to say is the Nana does not have the Handicap Bars in the Tub so he can hoist his old ass out of the Tub
  8. This is a mini review of the Grand Inn on soi 3 in Bangkok A real shit hole IMO but you judge for your self It was 1020 Baht for this Standard room the bathtub tub was peeling as they had just painted it not had it reglazed it a 12 inch TV and had a musty smell and the kicker was this was room 301 JimmyBB had 201 and went I went to his room in the morning he asked if I had left some water running in the Bathroom as when he sat to take a shit water from the ceiling was leaking on him. My advice AVOID !
  9. John, works for me that's strange
  10. Then you kick that spoiled cunt to the curb You pay you say many more where she came from
  11. Winston, go to the 5th floor and on the counter just to the right as you get off the elevator Take a look as the one I mentioned above may still be there.
  12. LV2play I have Pop Up blocker also and mine can be set to allow the pop up's on the pages I want. Maybe yours does also ?
  13. The Nana rooms are weathered they are redoing 1 floor or another all the time so you could ask for a newer room but I like the place and think everyone should try is once and as far as cockroaches the only one I ever saw was one by the elevators that Jimmy smashed and funny it was there for a few days after also Speaking of cockroaches I was in the Carrefour a couple of days ago in Pattaya and a cockroach was walking along the bakery case and fell into a basket of bread so when thinking about Nana having cockroachs it is not the Nana but all of Thailand but what's the big deal the girls
  14. This is hit and miss as one member that stayed there said I don't know if it is any good, somebody on the board might already know it though? I emailed this place before arriving 2 months ago and was told in was not working and stopped in about a month ago still not working
  15. I have used them with zero problems with the Sabai Inn in Pattaya and the Swiss Park in Bangkok they email you a prepaid voucher and you present it upon Check in and that was that.
  16. I stay in a Small studio Water 150 510 electric 790 ADSL 250 Cable TV 300 Condo Fees.
  17. Not BS as they need your passport to stamp your visa in it. If you want the Info on getting a 1 year Multlpy entry O Visa PM me. S7
  18. Emil, Don't tell us you want us to believe that some kind board member Gave you a cell phone. and even if that were so he would have to be a prince of a man a man of men Ect Ect
  19. Ib the owner told me when I stayed there awhile back they wave the extra persons charges if you book from the FLB board so no worries.
  20. I quit drinking on my own but that does not change the fact I am an Alky. I was just able to beat it on my own I used to drink a case of beer EVERYDAY. now sober for 24 Years. AA is a good venue for those that need it.
  21. He won't have a problem they wanted everyone to register there phones but it is not being enforced your friend has money he will get his Sim Card also really no reason to go to MBK unless your staying near there or are going there anyway as you can get a Sim Starter Kit all over at any little Phone shop in Thailand. I would guess not unless you had a lot of Baht left on it as it had been 90 days or more.
  22. Thaiflyer1, My last two or three flights into Bangkok I was not given the form to declare any goods I think they did away with them anyone have any current Info on this ?
  23. Walk of Shame ? That is the very last thing I would worry about I could not give a damm what the people think
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