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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. May be MM also closed the checkin desk too. Don't be a wanker, you posted your miss fortune or was it your incompetence. For the record, I did nearly miss my flight once as I left my passport, boarding card and mobile phone in one of the duty free shops. However, at least I had two hours to track it down and still enough time to have a few beers in the airline lounge.
  2. Well done I cant wait until November again. Hey Adam did I see in one of the other topics a picture of a girl called "new" who used to work at the FLB but might be now working for you in your other bar?
  3. No breakfast is between 7am & 10am. Either she has gone by then, or still asleep or joins me for breakfast. Up to herrrrrrrrrrrrr. The place looks great I cant wait to get there again. I cant believe that some people bitch at 30 bhat for water I know in 7 eleven its between 7 & 15 depending on the brand you buy but 30 is still very cheap compared to the UK. In the UK in most places its cheaper to have soft drinks than water.
  4. Looks like I will be making a visit tonight mmmmm mmmmmmmmm
  5. I am not sure where it says on the EVA site that we will be on updated (old) 747's my tickets on the EVA site and I have just confirmed my seats are for April 8th and are on B777 - 300 If you no different please point me where it says so please Thanks
  6. For some strange reason, I have not been reading these snipits for a while, it was great to read Novembers, thanks and keep up the good work.
  7. I love Areca Lodge Its clean, the pool is good, its quiet at night and only a very short walk when the bhat bus drops you off at the end of the road
  8. Going Cathey now as Dragon have stopped thier flights
  9. Can EVA Elite class users use this lounge?
  10. Hi Paul I am looking for a ride from Bangkok Soi 8 Sukhumvit to Pattaya.....Areca lodge on 16th October approximatly 11:00am but could work around any other drop off you might have back to the airport. please could you come back to me Thanks
  11. Thats because the other guy said checkin not book seats
  12. Hi I am using Dragon air in September to fly from BKK to Hong Kong 5000 Bhat
  13. I am a memebr of their club but still at bottom level but always fly elite, last time i flew I had 35kg two bags and had no problems
  14. Thanks I think I am going to book Royal Asia Lodge in Soi 8 accross the road I know its a longway up the soi but they do have a free tut tuk. Its only 1100 / night I know that could mean crap, but the reports I have read seem to give it the thumbs up. It should also be quite in the mornings......no traffic or construction. Unless you have any other ideas
  15. Hi and thanks for your comments. I think I am going to stay at Areca Lodge as i will only be in town for 4 days. If you are in town from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th inclusive please let me know it would be great to meet up with a few board members.
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