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  1. The Marriott has wired internet in the rooms but like the cost of the rooms it is pricey. Also, Misty's has free wireless internet.
  2. I mail things to Thailand all the time from east coast USA to Udon. Never had a problem after I started addressing the packages/letters in Thai. I supposed things in english will get to Pty or Bkk without too much difficulty but for other places I would address them in Thai. US postal service does not care what language it is addressed in as long as the country is written in english. Also, for packages ensure that you fill out a customs declaration (for US customs not Thai) or the package will never leave the US and not be returned to you.
  3. Prepare for you life to be changed forever
  4. If you are using Win XP, they now have a photo resizer that is part of the "power toys". Works really well if resizing is all you want to do. Also can click first one then hold shift and click last one and will select all in between or ctrl and select at random. Available selcetions for resizing is small 640 X 480 medium 800 x 600 large 1024 x 768 handheld 240 x 320 custom and options to replace original or make copy
  5. I posted a review of this place just as it opened on Pattaya-escapades. Link http://www.pattaya-escapades.com/forums/ I had 2 weeks there free on Sheraton points but the TW made me check out the next morning and go to the Marriott. Although this place is nice it is way way way out of the way out past royal cliffs beach resort and rides back and forth are both difficult to get and expensive. The place is set up to get you in there and keep you there. Mostly for familys with 3 restaurants, 3 pools and a private beach.
  6. Probably the most plausable reason for this is for the big companies to recoup all of those unused baht stored on sim cards that are out of the country and not registered by the cut-off date. I know that my sim currently has 817 baht on it as I always check right before I leave and keep the message that they send back to me so I know if I need to recharge as soon as I return. My 817 baht expires on Dec 22nd but I return on the 14th. all I have to do to keep the 817 baht is to add some baht to the card then get it registered. There has also been some discussion within the Thai govt as to wh
  7. and you are now already starting to plan how and when you will return. You r entire life will be changed from this point on. You will always think about where to stay, how much airline tickets cost, what's the current exchange rate, how can I live there. WELCOME TO THE CLUB
  8. I sent an email to AIS (1-2-Call) about this. Here is the email reply that i got back from them. Only have to register Thai SIM cards. If you use a phone that you bring into the country from another country (i.e. T-Mobile etc) you should be fine. Hi One-2-Call member Thank you for your e-mail. We are glad to answer your question as follows: This policy is issued for a security reason in Thailand and it is applied to all mobile phone operators in Thailand. However, if you would like to proceed this, you need to bring along an ID card together with SIM card at AIS branches & O
  9. 52 but I only count myself as 27 (that's how old my TW is)
  10. I have stayed at the marriott many times in all of their different types of rooms on various floors. I put at least 2 possibly more reviews with many photos on the pattaya-escapades forum. Too long to post again. Here's the link for those that don't have it. http://www.pattaya-escapades.com/forums Also did review of the new Sheraton (also posted at pattaya-escapades forum with pictures) which I did not like very much because of the location. Had a free room for 2 weeks on sheraton points but the TW made me move after the first day and go back to paying at the Marriott.
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