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  1. http://www.sabaiinn.com/ go thru their website.
  2. Cennn3

    English Food

    5 baht a bag on the street food stalls.
  3. Flown Heathrow/Bangkok with them a few times. Good airline.
  4. Try some of the Scottish bars, they might stock it.
  5. If true then seems to be a regular occurrence in Pattaya these days.
  6. http://www.boxertravels.net/airport/transport.htm
  7. The problem is that you are not yet a full member. You will have to wait until you are made up to use the board properly. The boss man should be a long shortly to make you up, maybe.
  8. Same here, save a pic to your computer then upload it, Go to your controls to do it.
  9. What has your post got to do with the OP. He is talking about entering England not Thailand.
  10. There is a small one in the centre by the dolphin roundabout. There is a place on soi 21 off Soi Buckaow that has a shed load of books in there, looks like expats meet up and there was one on the way to the market towards the end of soi bukaow.
  11. They sell toys in BigC festival centre on 2nd road and they sell them in the stalls outside the centre as well. Carrefour also has a big selection of toys, it is on central road(pattaya klang). If you take joeys advice and go to mikes you will be paying top dollar for everything. I hope you are talking about childrens toys.
  12. Happy New Year Mr Toom, will be calling you soon for a ride to Pattaya.
  13. I flew from Cardiff once and it cost about £540 with KLM. Pretty sure it costs more now.
  14. In everybody elses sense you get paid you have made a sale. That is in the rest of the world outside Mangotown.
  15. Well no it is not. A sale is when someone pays for something, easy really. Looks like you are the one who needs accounting 101.
  16. I do not know where it is but I guess these do, call them. http://www.pattaya.go.th/app/eng/portal9/index.php
  17. Hi, I would suggest you try posting this in the hotel section of the board or members bar as it would get more replys. Welcome to the board.
  18. The food is ok in the Jack Tar, nothing special but it is a nice bar to hang out and have a few beers in the afternoon. The crowd in there are generally nice and they do have all the sports on. Does Peter still own this place, he is a nice guy.
  19. Battle of Omdurman, Mafeking was the Boer War.
  20. Change the record, this one is getting boring.
  21. I have seen this video and they pixel out all the good bits. The Japs are pretty strange people.
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