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  1. Flown Qatar many time BKK - LHR - BKK they are my go to airline great planes and pleasant staff. If you are going Biz the IFE is excellent as is the food. Even in the back of the plane the food is ok. Watch out for their sales as you can get some cracking deals.
  2. Has this function been disabled? Been trying a few times now I have given up and just created a new account Cheers Lost
  3. Works in Firefox but if you are running AdBlockPlus that blocks the results so you will have to disable it for this site. Cheers Lost
  4. But Al Davis always gets ripped off. But the Raiders did have a very good draft this year.
  5. http://www.airlinequality.com/main/forum.htm
  6. Got agree 100% with that. I have not interest in being nest to some muppet on the phone to who ever talking about what ever. Hopefully the price will be crazy expensive and scare people from using the phone. Cheers LiA
  7. Nice to see we have an Asian version of Ryan Air
  8. There is this amazing new website called This is a Search Engine that can tell you almost anything you want. Of course you could wait and let me people give you random information and then search yourself.
  9. The flight out looks great for getting for some sleep. If you make the trip please do a TR on it. Cheers Lost
  10. Until they have night flights I will not use them. Cheers LiA
  11. When did TG ever have IFE in coach from the UK? Cheers LiA
  12. I have flow BA Business Class once return to the US and it was superb easily as good as TG First Class. But know way am I paying the extra BA want, its just not worth it. Will be good to know how the other BM get on with his first class trip, a few photo would be nice Cheers LiA
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