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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Anyone remember the young Thai boy Anan Anwar with Ding Dong and Wake up Snoopy ?? Or Bazoo ?
  2. Am at a loss to understand what Crouchy has done wrong ?? Capello is picking Defoe or Heskey to partner Rooney on friday. Crouch has a record second to none at international level but he's done something to piss off Capello
  3. Does she know her wanger's hanging out
  4. Backstreet boys "Quit playing games with my heart"
  5. Yeah you forget so many. LeAnn Rimes was top dollar. Am racking my brains to remember a lesbo show number from Superbaby around 92 which was enormous ? Edited Debbie Gibson-foolish beat
  6. "My hump" also by BEP and dont forget every Thai bands favourite singalong "Cocaine"
  7. The guy who recorded it (no idea of his name) but worked as DJ in Lucifers or somewhere similar in WS. Only reason I know is that his ex-wife came to work in soi 8 in 2007 at the Cocktail Hut
  8. Wasn't that the same crew who did "My di Hi" ??
  9. Cracker pasty-forgotten about that one ! Saved to favorites-same singers "The day you went away" played as the Lesbo show was full on in "Whats Up"
  10. Forgot three of the biggest From around 2000 Bon Jovi "Its my life" and Pussycat Dolls "Dont Cha" and from early 90's "Ice Ice baby"
  11. Beds are Burning early 90's by midnight oil. Any MLTR tracks-Barbie Girl from the dutch group who's name I forget ?? Around 1998 Aqua ?? Britney Spears circa 98 with Hit Me baby one more time ?? That was like a national anthem in soi 8 ! All Rise by Blue and also Lemon tree some one else mentioned-Stop stop stop-Nu Virgos around 2004/5 Eminems "without you" reminds me of a girl from Sailor Bar who committed suicide in 2006 named tukta because of the total bullshit she received from a fellow Brit-if by any chance hes reading this I have your photo on an email she sent me-will not o
  12. What was wrong with the commentator
  13. Shight England !! How many times does it need for any England manager to work out you can't play Lampard and Gerrard together-apart from the goal Gerrard did nothing and Lampard likewise. Rooney was totally ineffective. Bad performance but well done the USA.
  14. I withdraw my prediction-how the fuck is he going with Emile Heskey ?? Hope you yanks win.
  15. Any time you guys need a history lesson just ask your own marines !
  16. Well they were late for the last two world wars so don't bank on it
  17. I was going to go for 4-0.
  18. I know wrong forum MM but please let run for today. 3-0 England with the yanks walking off with their tails between their legs- (tin hat on)
  19. Aeroflot not too bad to be honest-international safety record is very good. Leg room on the 777 was shocking. Egypt air I flew on a one way ticket home in 93 when I had deliberately missed the flight on Emirates. Do remember it was a completely knackered 747 which took an age to get back to Cairo. Friend of mines wife flew last year on them and she seemed to think they were fine
  20. I would imagine thats true. However by using a VPN in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter) you're accessing via a UK isp address.
  21. Technically we probably are violating thai betting regulations.However accessing a site from your hotel room is not going to get somebody coming down on you like a ton of bricks. The police always seem to crack down on card schools and dice only when they are tipped off.I just personally wouldn't talk about gambling at all in los.Keep it to yourself.
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