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  1. Brother worked for British Airways at the time and standby tickets for immediate family were normally around 90 pound return. Used them approx 50 times-only 2 occasions couldnt get the seat outbound after arriving Heathrow, but on Bangkok London leg got on every time.Helped when BA started code sharing with QF as you could use their motors as well. Its a standard concession in the industry.
  2. I could have added usage of standby tickets on BA/QF at 90 pound a pop but obviously I was referring to standard revenue tickets
  3. For myself 325 pounds in 1994 on Tarom out of Heathrow. Cant remember exactly what the taxes etc were but was either a fiver or a tenner And the most was 540 pounds on Thai summer of 1995. Never paid more than that (economy) ever since.
  4. With Business class at 670 pounds must be worth a nibble
  5. If i was the poor sod seated next to that pile of blubber I really would scream merry hell. Check in should have refused to board him in economy period.
  6. No-you can have as many class of ticket as you want in economy but you'll still be sat in the same seat pitch.
  7. I remember coming back from Bahrain on Gulf in 2002 and I swear to god I couldnt get in the seat. That must have been a 26-28 inch pitch They had chartered some holiday motor and I spent the entire flight on the jump seat at the back bar take off and landing.
  8. It doesnt surprise me that the cheaper tickets may now attract no mileage accrual. As a gold card holder you're accumulating 19,500 miles per round trip even on rock bottom tickets and they are only following other airlines lead in reducing rewards.
  9. Perhaps you better let BA know of what you've heard as they have one of the smallest seat pitches on the non stop LHR-BKK route 1luv
  10. Great airline but beware that if you're tall 3 of the 4 aisle seats have the AVOD boxes underneath the seat in front severely restricting legroom. From memory its row G that is ok.
  11. Chivas


    What was wrong with Jet ?? They have earned rave reviews with critics
  12. Very much low season and you would pick up the Flipper Lodge or Flipper House for 800 baht for a three month stay plus no electric costs etc ?? Ok not North Pattaya but nevertheless right on the Baht taxi route.
  13. What you need is a Biman Bangledash ticket which is standard for 12 months issue with no charge to change inbound dates. However factor in the chance you might take 3 days to get home.....
  14. Why would Emirates Etihad or whomever out of middle east do a direct uk-bkk service. All airlines go via their hub.
  15. I think you've answered your own question re why no direct services to BKK. On your figures just 164 pax on average travel to BKK on all airlines per day. Why on earth would any carrier run a non stop flight when at best the passenger average would be 100 a day ??
  16. In house tailor at the flipper lodge is the dogs bollacks in soi 8.
  17. Another down side on Eva is that 3 of the 4 aisle seats have got electonic boxes for the AVOD system under the seat in front severely restricting leg room.
  18. I've had it done 3 times but find that the whiteness rapidly degrades each time. Expect 10,000 baht per session although outside of Pattaya was quoted only 4k (buriram)
  19. Very good point brian-difference between premium laural and economy is what 800 quid ?? Thats a lot of coolies,bar fines etc and you can still overtake the buggers when they get off the plane before immigration if you move quick enough.............
  20. IMHO I would stick with elite/evergreen deluxe class unless money is no object. Im extremely tall but elite is good enough and not cramped.
  21. Not a good delay admitted but it happens with all airlines from time to time ?
  22. Just noticed for first time that the main forum is open only to people living outside of Thailand-so how come all these bar owners are on the forum ??
  23. Nothing could be further from the truth in my experience. If I was fortunate enough to be seated next to some smelly fucker then with luck economy was full and upgrade time here I come......
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