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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 747 is showing up on a dummy booking ?? Whatever seat pitch is the same etc ??
  2. What are you on about man ?? Beavers are muffs surely-jack shit to do with motors FFS ??
  3. Jacko, I seem to recall that when Cheshire Tom posted about the Singapore Specials originally, they were available from their own website rather than any agent ?
  4. Shaun, You've quoted a ticket in excess of a calender month hence the increased price. I just inputted ticket for less than month and it comes out at 493 pounds.
  5. Shamasdog, Mad as a hatter-Sorry
  6. So how do you reckon it was done !!! :D
  7. Good enough for me to try !! For us- 220 miles to Heathrow 223 miles to Gatwick 209 miles Birmingham !!
  8. Personally have never had a problem with them and must have had 100+ tickets for myself,family and friends. They are certainly not partners of Thai International, but always ask for a price over the phone as last couple of years has been consistently less than using their website. Just my experience.
  9. I would be more concerned by "any' insurance being obviously totally invalid without an appropriate license. Plod no doubt can be bribed "away" but what if your actions on an uninsured bike, total a Merc !!
  10. RB Whats the lowest you have paid on any airline ?? I recall paying 325 pounds and 329 pounds on Tarom and Balkan in 1995
  11. Just noticed via netflights.com that Etihad are on offer at 339 pounds from Heathrow. Stacks of availability but must return before end of June
  12. Really good to see especially the layout of Soi Diamond with the subtle differences you forget about. In the Baby Go Go 1988 at 58 seconds the girl with the frizzy hair eating the fruit is the lady who is now the massage lady in Flipper Lodge !!
  13. The rooms in Soi 10 have got to be the smallest Ive ever stayed at.There wasnt even room for a wardrobe and they had hung a clothes rail at an appropriate place-tiny !! Stayed one day and checked out the next after finding out all rooms were the same. Definately no pool.
  14. You can certainly gain access to lounge with Qatar Silver as I do. These prices really are mega low currently. Cheapest I have ever paid is 325 pounds on Tarom way way back in 1994 even more astonishing as taxes were just a tenner then !!!
  15. Snap it up at that price !! Flew Turkish once and was fine with minimal transit times.
  16. Stating the obvious but make sure you get allocated your seat at the front of economy so you are ahead of the hordes as you come off the motor for immigration. Move smartly anyway and you may make it.
  17. I thought we were pricing July..........
  18. Just had a quick look at July and cheapest I can see with any carrier is 588 pounds from Manchester ?? July tends to be one of the most expensive times of the year to fly. Edited-Swiss at 489 pounds on July 2nd
  19. Thanks for that-to your knowledge are you hidden from "general" view when accessing box ?? (Not expecting bank style facilities !!)
  20. CT, Are they security box facilities or mailboxes ?? Am clicking on icons but individual sites are not opening ??
  21. Both my Thai Banks have long waiting lists for private security boxes within the bank. Can anybody suggest or anyone use alternative facilities anywhere ?? (Doesn't have to be In Pattaya but preferred) Thanks
  22. Totally agree and also right at the very back.If there are any spare seats on the motor invariably they will be middle seats at the rear of the aircraft giving you extra room to sprawl out.
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