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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Ben, Personal circumstances will dictate how much someone can keep in a Thai Bank account but IMHO and from personal experience,regular visitors should keep 500k in an account just in case the shight ever hits the fan (as in my case when insurance refused to pay citing major existing condition) Thats not going to be possible for everyone but I believe its the minimum if you should ever have to god forbid engage lawyers services etc. Credit cards are great except for the one time you really need them and the cards U/S for some reason. Chivas
  2. Whitespider, You are absolutely correct in Eva's new pitch being 33" in economy. Unfortunately that only tells you part of the story. Firstly-the bottom area of the seat now shoots forward on recline immediately whacking your knees into the seat in front even if medium height. Secondly-they have installed a mega footrest with a one and half inch diameter which now sits right on the shin area if not deployed. Thirdly-as previously mentioned 3 out of the 4 aisle seats now have electronic boxes under seat in front meaning you,re going sideways into the aisle if trying to stretch out. Si
  3. Best I could do recently was Kuwait at just under 11k. Chivas
  4. Hi, Above post makes sense regards walking through any customs with duty free bags on display.Its a complete no no, but in 112 rotations at Don Maung I've yet to ever SEE a customs officer , in or out !! Chivas
  5. Hi, Me or Thai International ??
  6. TG 917 IS diverting daily at the moment but airline indicate 6th February situation will revert to normal. Chivas
  7. Terry, I know it stopped at least 3 nights running approx fortnight ago but was hoping the fuel problems were over prior to Feb 4th as have connecting non thai flight 2 hours after scheduled arrival. Chivas
  8. Hi, Can anyone confirm or otherwise if TG 917 is still stopping for refuelling in Copenhagen en route from London to Bangkok ?? Chivas
  9. Tom, Am a Gold card member on Eva but have switched to Thai for next months trip for two reasons. Firstly the days of cheaper tickets on Eva are over mainly as there utilising the 777 with hundred fewer seats than previously. There are cheap seats about but even westeast could only come up with £515 inclusive on Eva. Thai was £435. Secondly no matter what anyone from Eva says the seats in economy are somewhat smaller than previously on there 747 with aisle seats now having electonic boxes under the seats in front seriously reducing leg room. Chivas
  10. Am absolutely not a cheap charlie but who can justify wanting to pay £440 extra one way ?? Its gets there no quicker and £440 buys one hell of a lot of lady drinks/bar fines etc. Chivas
  11. Available from now until June on varying dates according to a flyer in my mail box from www.lazyvacation.co.uk Chivas
  12. Samsonite, Next time you depart Don Maung just hang around the left luggage for 10 minutes and you'll spot hordes of the buggers picking back up there oversize bags !! Leemo, The official rate for excess baggage is 1% of Iata's Published one way, first class fare, per kilo. Last time I paid on Eva is was £13 a kilo. Chivas
  13. Samsonite, Stopped at the aircraft door with god knows how much and required to put it in the hold. Thats exactly what they wanted !! Point being that its way past the point of paying "excess baggage charges" and they know it. On arrival at check in the excess bags are sitting in left luggage already and are retrieved after check in. On going to final gate the ground crew may or may not note the outsized bags and if they do query the size "check in said nothing" Two British Airways crew told me of this some 15 years ago and can only confirm its true !! On a multitide of airlines.
  14. Expensive-try Westeast Travel which is a minimum of £50 cheaper on all classes. chivas
  15. I travelled back from Bangkok in elite class last week having flown out in economy one month previous. Elite compares IMHO to more or less the same as the old evergreen deluxe.Agreed there is less space for a walk around within the elite area but nothing to stop you walking back through the sections of economy if you want. However the economy class has become for the taller individual a nightmare due to the electronics box for the video on demand system being stuck right in front of your feet in 3 of the 4 aisle seats . I know which aisle seat doesnt have the electronics box under it and
  16. That price is spot on for January & April on Eva. Prices for last 5 years in those months have been £495 via Westeast but the increase is mainly due to fuel costs and no other reason. Eva have been receiving bad press re the 777 mainly because of the seating compared to the previous 747 being of vastly reduced quality.
  17. Wings, Unfortunately he would have almost certainly received a CT Scan for that type of fall.These ct scans cost in excess of 75,000 baht a go. Expensive but dont even try guessing at the cost in the USA !!
  18. Sure,you will always get good and bad tales but it should be noted that the Pattaya Expats Club are affiliated to the hospital and I believe offer a discount there as well. Chivas
  19. Lost in space, My experience of Bangkok Pattaya hospital is the quite opposite re cost. Managed to break a bone in my foot earlier this year. Saw the doctor,xrays,plastercast,crutches,rehabilatation,follow up and remove cast-total bill baht 3850 !! Second experience-partner gave birth by planned C section in October,4 days 3 nights in a suite better than any hotel,all surgeons fees,nursing care,medicines,food for her and ME,follow ups-total bill Baht 39,990 (a fixed rate) I expected extras "Thai Style" re the bill but nothing at all. Superb care.
  20. Hillbilly, Am on same flight as you (time wise) out of Gatwick on 20th November but my connection is the 09.15 through to BKK.I asked for this flight specifically re any potential baggage problem
  21. Agree with most of previous post but you'll certainly be able to pick up a six month Eva ticket with open dated return for tops £525 in Mid january. Ring or email www.westeasttravel.com
  22. Be warned-Eva's seats in economy are seriously compromised compared to the previous 747. If you're tall do be aware that 3 of the 4 aisle seats have now got electronic boxes under the seat in front. There is no where to put your legs but straight out into the aisle.No sleep for certain. Secondly the designer of the new seats needs shooting !! Upon trying to recline the seat the bottom section moves forward whilst the back reclines, ensuring you cant recline more than a couple of inches before your knees whack into the seat in front. To top it all they have introduced thick footrests which
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