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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Looks like the Dead Kennedys to me
  2. I used to have a regular who worked in Silver Star, she was about 5' 3" size 6 about 45kg. Before she got snapped up we would always call in the beer garden for a drink and food, it would usually be my 1st or 2nd night in Patts so I would always have green curry and she would have steak and chips. I've always told girls I've eaten with order what you want and I'm more than happy to pay but I don't like to see wasted food, I've seen girls with other guys order 5 dishes and leave loads taking the piss and on principle I won't do it. It was great to see her getting big steak and chips a
  3. Well done beer belly, good to see you focussed. I started a low carb/higher protein plan January 2005. I started at 28st 3lb (393lb) and passed my target 3rd December 2006 weighing 13st 2lb (184lb) It took 23 months but it would have quicker but I had 3 holidays to LOS in between where I left the diet in the UK. I didn't do any exercise at all just did it by healthy eating. The main tips I would give anyone is eat your meals every 5 hours, dont eat after 9pm at night, although fruit is good for you bananas are lethal with the sugars they have, I used to eat galia melon for breakfas
  4. Obviously a British thing, safeword Skegness?
  5. Mmmm. Not sure if I should reply, I know the answer but I'm a sarcastic arsehole?
  6. I got the email as flew Bizz with them in Dec 2018. Had a look for December and Bizz around £2250 so £1500 plus the 50% should be enough for flight. Booking Qatar through dream leisure is £1580 and they have the move flight for 2 years if due to fly and return by 31st December 2020 which I hopefully would be doing, however if I did need to move flights I've heard once they have your cash customer service not their strong point so I'm thinking of plan C. Book direct with Qatar which is £1770 but for the extra dealing with the organ grinder not the monkey and the peace of mind is pro
  7. I've reached my tipping point and not going this year. I 1st went in November 2005 for a week to get it out of the way to say been there and done that, I was 43 and I think got 72-75 baht to the pound. Since then been twice per year for the following 6 years then once per year for 3 weeks at Xmas but flying Bizz to compensat for only going once. My mate just came back and got 38.2 in Bkk which means a bottle of Heinekan in a beer bar now more than £4 and I can't justify it to myself. I can afford it but 38sh is just too little. i shop around for the Bizz and last yrs got Etihad for
  8. At night walking around it was really funny to see Pattaya but in 180 degrees. I walked past one restaurant about 10.30 they had stopped serving meals and families all gone, there were about 8 women all on their own on 8 different tables with a bottle of wine each watching a young waiter doing his shirtless dance on the dance floor in the middle him deciding which would take him back and them doing the same, in other bars full of 40/50 something divorced/single women coming out with the same bollocks we do. In a bar I got talking to a waiter and he came out with the where are you from
  9. I've been to Icmeler twice, it's a great place. At the time we were advised not to change money in Uk as rip off, I took cash and changed mine in a shop near hotel and got 10/15% more cash. The locals shops and didn't really like their own cash but can't remember if it was euro or dollars, any change you got was in local currency. 1st time there I met a woman on her own like me staying in same hotel, she was a posh bird who usually stayed in the 5* Aqua hotel 3 or 4 times per year and this time was trying the adults only hotel only a 4 star but kid free so a bit quieter We hooked u
  10. Just booked Xmas through Travelbag. Manchester to Bkk, fly 8 Dec and return 25th night time so I can have Xmas dinner in Los, maximum stopover 2hr 50mins so not stupid times Business class £1455.00 inc taxes Etihad own website was about £80 dearer but I've used Travelbag before so no worries
  11. Just checked my December dates Man to Bkk £2360 for biz, dearer than Emirates and Qatar. The search goes on
  12. I have stayed at the Mercure at least once a year fr a min10 days for the last 10 years. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Patts. The rooms had a refit a couple more of years ago, the beds are massive and in good nick, if there is a downside to the room is a small bathroom and no bath Location is walking distance to WS and a similar walk to Bukhao and straight through the Avenue to 2nd road and coconut bar. The free baht bus 24/7 towards walking street is a big help. If you join the Accor members site they have some good deals everyso often. I had already booked room only for about £53
  13. Although I have booked for 7-26 December with Qatar £502 Man to Bkk when I get e mail or update always have a look. Yesterday on Skyscanner with minimum stopover £436 inc tax. There was no mention of Black Friday offer just a sensible price
  14. Just had a look on Kyak, BKK to KOS in December is about £1100 and a 28 hours flight, I think I will look elsewhere
  15. I hate Agoda with all the tax bollocks, a mate always uses them but I always get cheaper. I tend to use Hotel. Com which seems the most competitive plus you get a free night for every 10 so it makes it 10% cheaper overall. You have to have had the 10 nights before you claim the freebie but having had 2 decent holidays last year and booking another mates rooms I will get 5 free nights this time round
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