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  1. I bought a 2nd hand scooter in Holland for 200 Euro and left it in Thailand. It's stored in the Sabai Lodge storage room and the only thing I bring when I go to Thailand are 2 new batteries ( also used and always for free ).
  2. 1 Chez Bernard.................... I already loved his restaurant when he was still running the Hippo in the Welkom Inn. His steaks are fantastic and the Steak Rossini is my all time favourite. I adviced a lot of people to go there and all of them were surprised by the quality/price ratio. 2 The seafood restautant at the end of Jomtien beachroad. Pictures were already posted in this topic. I once invited the staff of the Welkom Inn for seafood. The price is low and the quality is great. This is the place where Thais bring their Mia Nois for dinner. 3 Mata hari..............................
  3. The Welkom Inn is a great place if you travel alone. There are always people in the hotel lobby for a chat and the staff is very friendly and will make you feel like home. It is true that the rooms are nothing special but the surroundings are great. Just give it a try.........................and if you don't like it, there are several other hotels just around the corner
  4. Label stuff is great buy because even without bargaining and promotion discounts.....it is still 40% less in price then in your home country. Sometimes I consider it expensive when I am in Thailand ( you start to calculate in Thai price level quickly ) but after my return in farangland I realize how cheap it really was. Where can I buy a Valentino, Cerruti, Daniel Hechter, Pierre Cardin etc.... shirt for less then 1000 baht? For the custom tailors......Those Indians are just selling and measuring the Clothes.....they are all made by Thai Tailors. So it really doesn't matter where you
  5. Ben, Don't worry about the sales service.......they have western standards. I once bought a Cerruti 1881 Jeans and the zipper didn't work properly. They replaced the jeans without questions ( It was a 50% discount promotion jeans ) They had to order a new one from BKK because my size was not in stock anymore. This year I bought some clothes for my son in Mikes Shopping......they turned out to be too small. I could change them without questions. In all the shops they have changing rooms.............if you buy at promotions stands in the Malls without changing rooms........someb
  6. My experience is that the longer you stay, the less you will spend each day. If you stay 8 weeks in Pattaya, you won't go out every night......you will change your daily routine. If you stay with the same girl for a longer time, you might be able to get the price down. I used to pay about 20.000 baht per month + barfine. Sometimes they even quit the bar to save you the barfine. It might be possible to save some money there. 5000 baht per day is a good budget.......2.500 is a little tight but possible.
  7. I always shop for Clothes Pattaya....never the copies but always the original stuff. Mike Shopping mall has a lot of quality brand names. On the second ( or third ) floor there are a lot of stuff available. Prices are 1000/2000 baht for a shirt. About the same for a quality pair of throusers. be sure not to buy near the stairs outside because there are just copies and fakes. Be aware that you can buy the same stuff in the Outlet mall at Sukhimvit road for much less. In the Mall there is a shop with shirts 500/1500 baht and throusers in the same range. They have brands like Valentino, C
  8. I don't think you can hire them in Pattaya. I also use a scootmobile in Thailand but I always bring one from my home country. They are considered a wheelchair by the airlines and can therefore transported without extra charges. My scootmobile is in the storage room at the Sabailodge waiting for my return. I bought a used one and left it in Thailand. When I return I will bring a new pair of batteries because they will be empty by now :-) It's also important that a scootmobile is robust and fast in Pattaya, the traffic is deadly and driving with an instabile and slow scootmobile is suicide. C
  9. ADL means "activity of daily living"....it means that you don't need help for your normal daily little things. I always bring my manual wheelchair and my scooter to pattaya. When I go out I prefer to use my manual chair. I put the chair in the back of a bahtbus and sit next to the driver. You will be everywhere in pattaya for a few baht. The scooter I use for shopping and little trips during the day. I know somebody who could pick you up from the airport, he is running a small taxi company and is also a policeman in Pattaya. the problem is that he only speaks thai. If you need him,
  10. Pattaya is not that big and with a powerchair you can go from Soi 1 to Soi 18 in about 15 minutes. Maybe it's a 1.5 mile distance. I charge my batteries every second day, so don't worry about the distances. Pattaya is a very compact city. From beach road to second road is a maybe 300 meters, not far at all. Pattaya is like a big village. What I must add is that South pattaya can be a big traffic mess, I always find it very hard to move myself in that area. crossing the street is almost impossible, on second road as well as beachroad. Take that in consideration if you chose your hotel. No
  11. I am using a scootmobile when in Pattaya and I have to say that I can get around quite well. You should try to find somebody with a pickup truck, they can transport the wheelchair without any problem. I stayed in the Sabailodge hotel, there you can reach the rooms without any steps. Even the pool area is accessable with a wheelchair, no steps. When I stayed there last August and September, there were a few more people in a wheelchair at the hotel. If you contact the hotel, they will reply to all your questions and demands very quickly and they are very eager to help people in wheelchairs.
  12. I think it's possible to find a midd class hotel accessable for wheelchairs. Like I already said, Sabailodge is very accessable and the price is about 850 Baht per day. Last September 4 people in a wheelchair stayed there, including me. http://www.sabailodge.com Sunshine Vista at soi 3 also has a few special rooms for wheelchairs but I cancelled the booking due to a building site next door. But when the building is finished, this hotel could be great as well. I think it's in the same price range as Sabailodge. http://www.sunshinevista.com mapanggulo.......I don't know what your
  13. I think Pete was talking about me :-) I am wheelchair bound and a regular customer of FLB. It's true that the first time I went to Thailand, I went with a friend but after I got to know the situation in Pattaya I was confident enough to travel by myself. I have to say that Pattaya is not that bad for somebody in a wheelchair. I will try to explain it : - most shoppingmalls are perfectly accessable for wheelchairs. There are ramps, elevators etc. - getting around is easy and cheap. Bathbusses can be hired and you can sit next to the driver with the wheelchair in the back of t
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