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  1. I can personally attest to the unbelievable quality and taste of the food from Ouy's cooking. Ive never tasted English style Chinese per say, being from Australia, but I have been lucky enough to try the Rock and Wok food prior to the Rok and Wok even opening in Pattaya. Yes Im lucky enough to know the Chef and her Scottish husband personally. And nicer people would be hard to find ,in a month of Sundays. This is a full on family business, that goes the extra mile for there customers , Im sure any ex Silkomville visitors from past trips will know exactly what Im talking about. Anyone wanting quality Fresh food at great value give these guys a try, Im sure No One will be disappointed Enjoy the Awesome food Bruiser
  2. Same Same for Me He was always such a friendly Bloke Remember that Go-Go with the Fish tank or was it a BG tank??? He was such an interesting easy going Bloke with so many amazing life experiences. Terry Please pass on my very best wishes, to the One and only Las Vegas Paul! Bruiser
  3. Mate with your lovely wifes cooking ability, sure it will be a great success Especially since there aint that much completion on her type of Menu Please pass on my very best wishes to your better half for me please Pattaya Man Look forward to catching up with you and all the family again soon Might even try to keep up with you in the Gym again?? All the Best Bruiser
  4. Gday Mate , Hoping you and all the Family are well How the training going? Well Im still sticking at the weights , gotta do something to keep in trim with the years flying By Pass on my best to your lovely better Half All the very Best Bruiser
  5. Mate It gladdens my heart that you are on the mend and are in good positive spirits. Chin up mate, positive things happen to positive people and I dont know many with a more POSTIVE attitude to life than your good self Sir :thumbup . Please pass on my best wishes to lin and the little one, You couldnt be in better hands and the little one will keep you young. All the very BEST Mick Bruiser
  6. Very good post indeed and really puts ones priorities in life into perspective. Totally agree re flounting wealth in Thailand re Bling etc. But I think if put in position on a Motor Bike, as opposed to a Push Bike (or Pushie as us Bogans call them) Id be more inclined to NOT stop . Sure if some nutter pulls a gun then there welcome to my bike Be it a pushie or a Vmax super blaster. Then again Just my opinion P.S. I thought it was very nice of the poster to pass on this thoughtful warning. Job well done Mate :thumbup
  7. Very sorry to here that Mate The American Bible Brainwashing Belt Just gotta feel soo sorry for them poor underbrained, over controlled so called free Americans (not to mention most of them god loving evagelists are nuts deep in congregatyion POON, getting it better than any Monger. OH THE IRONY :ninja: :ninja: ) Not having a crack at any one, But FACTS IS FACTS or so says the Courts....
  8. bruiser

    Big Deal

    I know your a Killer on the budget Airline deals, Aussiechic Check out scoot.com , direct to Singers then connect to where ever. under $400 rtn to Singers (Scoot is Singerpoors version of Jetstar) Mate just left Syd rtn for Clarke (Angeles City) for under $500 Aussie out of Sydney!! (Sydney dearest Airport in southern Hemisphers ,bar NONE). Hope of some Asssistance Bruiser
  9. Words of WISDOM to live by From a very experienced classey Monger
  10. Gotta be one of your best and most requested songs Parky I agree with you totally,most would be very surprised to the extent of sponsorship in thailand and I dont think we will ever get a realistic responce from BMs for fear of ridicule. At end of day up to the individual,if it makes them happy and can afford no worries (Sure makes girls happy ). I do feel sorry for guys who struggle to afford their sponsorship deals (not that any would admit it ,mind you)
  11. Excellent Post,have to agree with you 200% Demeaning at its lowest ebb IMHO But JMHO,up to individuals and girls involved I suppose
  12. I can see a very tearfull end to your world cup Dr Mick The World Cup will be another Southern Hemisphere shout out, Wallabies Vs All Blacks at the House of Pain Have a great opening WC weekend and safe travels Mate Cant Wait for the Magic to start
  13. Voodoo Above is very good advice mate Go-gos can be weird re there entry policies Last trip I had to escort 3 Thai guys so they could get into some Go-gos on LK (Office,Kiss). They told me, had to do with culture as some girls get embarased if one of their countrymen in bar,Seems weird as many go-gos have male employees. Then again TIT Have a good time Mate dont let it bother you
  14. Very Factual and accurate post indeed Anyone who keeps there eyes and ears open in Patts would Have to agree with all of your assesments on the changing Pattaya. HOWEVER Cant agree with the Diluted Pattaya on the Sea statement Just party areas for the single male tourist is shifting to new areas due to changing tourist demographics Biggest improvers I noticed this trip By FAR were 1. New Plaza 2. Drinking st Then again JMHO
  15. Congrats on your first year guys Have to come in for a few drinks One day!! A Bogan just Living the Pattaya Dream as we speak
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