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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I know you live there and I'm glad for the information and will keep it for when I can live as you do. For all of my ten trips from the US I have brought cash. Every morning I go to the exchange on Soi Burkow down the street from the Ugly Duck and exchange money for 14400 B for the day. If I spend it good for me. If I don't I save it for the last days of my trip. Works for me never had trouble leaving the US or entering LOS. Just a thought. ))
  2. . The four or six sided bolts are for breakaway signs. Instead of someone hitting the sign and removing the entire installation it breaks off at the ground level instead of the whole concerte base. Safer for the driver and less liabilit for the city and easier to replace. been there done that thanks
  3. Beer Liquor and and nobody to watch them lol
  4. Thank you for your service. Come to Pattaya and enjoy life. Bobshere Viet Nam vet 69-70 USMC
  5. One more fine dinning place for Pattaya. Good for you. Best of luck. I sense a bit of pervious experience here. Right? Thanks Bobshere
  6. Martin, I wish you would have said you wanted a GF grill before I made my trip to Pattaya.I have the large and medium grill in my basement new in the box. All you need is a convertor sine its 110v. Maybe next trip. Bobshere
  7. Excellant phots. Color is great Keep it up. Thanks for your time in this matter Bobshere
  8. Never used it or heard of it until now. It has all of the properties of a legit website. The price quoted was $350 cheeper that I looked at earlier. By flight is in July (which is a longer way away) but the sites I've looked this was the cheapest. Copy your iteranary down (flight numbers and airlines) go back into their offical websites and see if the flights exist. I don't know where they are out of now, but you can check the country of origin for problems. Just a thought. Good luck Thanks Bobshere
  9. Lots of good information here it is really up to you. I've gone both ways travelers check and cash. I preferr cash only with an in room safe. I take my "allowance" for the day and change it it for bhat. If I have any left from the night before I stash it in a seperate envelope for a bigger party night or something I really really need. I only use hotels that have in room safes. PM me if you like some recomendations. Most of all have a great trip Thanks Bobshere
  10. Or you could use the hotel computer or go to an internet cafe. Just a thought Thanks Bobshere
  11. Good morning, Save your money. During my last visit end of July we saw this person. He is as described above, and in pretty bad shape. The next time we saw him was a day or so later minus a sandal. While out shopping for other things we came upon a sale for sandals and bought a pair for the guy. It took a couple of days to find him close enough to he Drunken Duck, our hotel, and his location since I did not carry the sandals out each time I went out. Got the sandals to him, he knew what they were and acknowledge the gesture. He tucked them into the things he was carrying around body and moved on. The next day we see him around noon down by Kiss restaurant remolding project still without one sandal. Where ours went is unknown. He does look and act strangely and it is a wonder he has not been injured by he passing traffic on Second Street. Thank you Bobshere
  12. Good Morning All, I have about 17 days till I'm back in Pattaya, can hardly wait. A friend of mine was inquiring about leather goods in Pattaya especially a leather coat and the price there vs at home. I will look into this when I'm there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I find his jacket I need a way to send it home. I only take carry on luggage and therefore don't have the luggage space for a bulk item like a jacket. Is there a Fed Ex or UPS operating in Pattaya? Has anyone used this? Is it safe? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for any help I receive. Bobshere
  13. Can you give me any information on FED EX UPS to the States. I need to send a leather jacket my friend wants to purchase. Thank you for any help.

    Bobshere or bk0887rocco@sbcglobal.net

  14. Good Morning, I will in Pattaya July 18,2011. I was thinking of trying Angles City for 3 days. Any advise on airline selection. I did find an airline that flyes Tuesday and Saturady but, thats too long away from Pattaya for I have 11 days there. THanks Bobshere
  15. Good morning all, My wingman John and I will be in Pattaya July 18ish more like 19 Th. Later on in the week we were thinking of hitting Angles PI for three days. Does anyone have a good travel agency in Pattaya that we can use or do you think over the web is better. I have read some story about cc and PI airlines. Is it true? That is why I was thinking of paying baht here. I have read a lot on hotels so I won t bother you with that. Any help would be appreciated like which days to be there etc... Thanks Bobshere
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