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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hey my bad, someone mentioned to me that it was being fought in Manchester? Fooked if I know when its on then
  2. I would imagine the fight being sometime between 4am-6am unless they delay it in the UK for the USA market?
  3. I have a pick-up from Swampy for you tomorrow evening at 8pm sharp, to Pattaya, if you want it let me know, the price 1200 baht. If not, please make me aware.
  4. Sounds like a fair price, certainly not the best, but within line of the majority...What cars do you use, are they run on LPG, as luggage may be an issue?
  5. Obviously not been in neons...What you quote in the main scheme of things is rank, over priced and for the tourist masses...! Get ripped off if you want, and spunk your cash on average food, but not one place you have mentioned is 'good' food or reasonable value for money! Apart from Robins nest on a good day.
  6. Last roll call for tonight's party! Any easy start from 6pm onwards, near on 50 lasses for your amusement and food throughout the evening. It'll be a cracker! Shame most of the people in the forum haven't been to Pattaya for years, you'd enjoy it
  7. I wasn't too sure so got the wench to speak with motormouths missus who has signed up for it, and she says it's a monthly payment??? However, she is a burd and this is Thailand!
  8. This is true but I am under the impression that they have had to be tax payers or as you say civil servants...I also think that they had to register before a certain deadline that expired a couple of weeks back. BTW, it is every month they get this money.
  9. Bruiser, shame you cannot be there as without a doubt it's gonna be a cracker! Surprised that no members are committing themselves to coming along though....Was it something I said? Absolutely BL, spoke with the owners yesterday and they have a great evening planned out...BBQ food and finger snacks throughout the evening, and of course dirty burds doing dirty deeds to all and sundry...Oh my buddha!
  10. Topic title not harsh, a basic question based on the youtube clips I posted Hello darling, nice to see you're still thinking about me Don't be such a knob
  11. The Dao Bar on the darkside of town are having a party this Saturday. For those that have never been to the Dao, let's just say, it's fun...A lot of fun! For those that have already been, you know how much fun it is! The fun will kick-off whatever time 'you' get there, but any time 7pm onwards would make you fashionably late Home cooked European fayre will be on offer and if eating food ain't your thing, well ehem, with near on 50 ladies at your disposal, I am sure you'll find something to bring on your hunger. With swimming pool also for use, if you don't turn up hungry fo
  12. Can't help but rubberneck an accident
  13. You could have at least used your own thread...Most of the links were wank BTW. As for pattaya-live being quiet and me being classed as a troll, laughable...The OP was taken from pattaya-live and I found it amusing and thought I'd share it with the members here. Forgot that you're all a touchy bunch, with no sense of humour.
  14. and continues to make himself to look the fool! The thread doesn't reflect my 'alleged' personal and twisted POV, nor was it posted because I am 'allegedly' a twisted POM that cannot deal with the fact that the old home land has become just another near 3rd world Muslim country. However, you coming in here bleating like a child and gobbing off with your opinion of Brits, gifts the board members an insight to your sick, twisted and bitter attitude.
  15. It's the likes of you that give Yanks a bad name...! You're not smart enough to figure out that the OP has nothing to do with me or my opinion...Yet you come in here, thumping your chest and shouting your mouth off with your disgruntled personal attacks and opinions. Who'd want the likes of you and your twarted thoughts and insults around them, certainly not me!
  16. Plenty of septic scum in Pattaya too! Keeping on topic though, still, not so bright are they?
  17. LMAO....When you can learn to laugh at yourself, then you'll be a much happier person. This thread could be classed as troll'ish I suppose, but then again you could also look at it as just being a bit of fun Depends what side of the fence you are on and whether you have a sense of humour. Thanks for putting yourself in your pigeon hole. Fosters is piss water!
  18. And it gets worse! LMAO
  19. Thanks to member Paul1970 for this thread Americans
  20. Don't have curry on next week, so I guess not
  21. Yeah Jacko, seems not drinking beer last night has clouded my reading ability...Re-read and he clearly says the only one is the multiple non-imm. However,you should supply supporting documentation with the application...Category “O” = Copy of Marriage Cert (if married to Thai national) or Pension Book or Sponsor Letter
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