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Can some one give me info abaout Songkran please. IE I heard in Pattaya it goes on all week, but is full in the face from day one or does it build up towards the end of the week, also does it go on into the evening or is there a general cut off time. Any help would be appreciated.

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Songkran week is an entire week

and different cities have their "big day"

blowout on differing days. I was in Pattaya

for Sonkran 2005 in April and there was

one Sunday that was just HUGE compared

to the other days. I've heard Pattaya goes

overboard compared to other cities

(ie: the biggest party).


It should stop at 6 when it starts

getting dark but there's always some

revellers who want to zap you well

into the night when their whiskey runs out.


The locals have a lot of disdain for

Songkran because of the obvious water

shortage and the mess. My girlfriend

and I were heading to the movies/dinner

but got so badly splashed that we had

to cancel our evening.


It's something that is worth seeing

but I think the drunks of Pattaya go

overboard. There were a few letters

in PattayaMail Newspaper echoing this.

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It is worth seeing ONCE if you can handle all the idiots soaking you day, night, no matter how you are dressed....even if you have expensive camera's in your hand.


Personally I haul ass as far away as I can get during Songkran anymore.


I inhaled so much dirty water one time I ended up sick for 4 days.

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Absolute fucking mayhem.


A good laugh on the last day, but all week with those dick head falangs mostly British Im sad to say.


Some of them actually try to cause motor bike riders to fall.


I have even seen some falangs spraying large amounts of water at bikes with small children on board.

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Hi Gs Joe


Loy Krathong very nice in Pattaya. Lots of romance and lots of happy Thai/Falang couples around for which things have worked out and returning from falangland to relive memories of first meeting. :rolleyes:

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