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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.
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Singapore vs Kuala Lumpur for birthday trip for my gf

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Hi, I am thinking about my gf birthday present for next month (august)


I think instead buing her another bag, I book airasia flight for us My choices are Singapoore or Kuala Lumpur as same price about 10 000thb for 2 of us


Just want know some details as I never been there, she never been almost anywhere. And I dont want ask her cuz its supposed to bu surprise.


Where is nicer, like more exciting for young people, better clubs, bars, may b beach


Alcohol no problem in KL?


I am more for Singapoore as I read some reviews.


Question is about visas for thais? does she need to apply for visa before? how long it takes? can get visa on airport? we just go few days.



I stay in thailand on turist multientry, my first entry expires on 13 august, I think I can extend for 30 days in jomtien emmigration, then 22 aug. go Singapoore, back thailand 28, means my second thai visa entry will activate?


I am on polish passport (poland), hpw I can find out what visa I need or not need?



Any one knows some not expensive hotel in Singapoore in good area? any good clubS?


thx for info


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I cannot answer your visa questions but for me I would look at the following.


Book to go to either place via Air Asia from Bangkok. Get the bus from one to the other. In this way you get to visit both places and also have a 5 hour bus tour of both countries. Three nights in each place will do it and then fly back to Bangkok. I have done this and whilst I enjoyed both places the accommodation cost of Singapore was well ahead of KL.

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My TGF likes Singapore, but be prepared to spend a bit.

The Singapore Flyer, Night Safari, and Senasota Park were big hits with my lady.

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