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Jet Ski: Lake ~1h north of Pattaya?

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Hi guys, 

This is a special (or weird) question, so please bare with me here. :) 

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Facebook page/thread that there was a lake (not ocean) 1-2 hours north (or north east) of Pattaya where there was a small Jet/Water Ski establishment. Why it caught my mind was the scenery: I remember it as a long/wide lake and you could rent the Jet Ski's for a decent length for a reasonable penny. 

Anyone know what place I might talk about? It wasn't a huge tourist attraction...

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Are you thinking of the Thai Wake Park just off of Hwy 7 (map link)? They have a set up for water skiing.

Southeast of Pattaya is an artificial lake created on the side of Huai Chak Nok reservoir that does jet ski rentals. I see on Google Maps it's called Settura Lake. Here's a pic of the lake from a year ago in the midst of the draught.

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