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  1. your sons is right i am flying with eva in a few weeks 564 direct but i have flown with qatar many times ,because of the price good airline,drinks all the way,and a good stopover in doah bigone
  2. good pics did the airport take those palm trees from beach road?
  3. where you see this price? you sure its not one way?
  4. its a long walk to nana,also the room i stayed in was very old and dirty,would not stay again
  5. if it sounds to good to be true,i think you know the answer
  6. stayed at this place many times,but not any more,used to be a very quite place now have a big bar complex outside the hotel
  7. i have stayed at the lodge,i had a room at the back and it was very quite,the pool on the rooftop was great
  8. the sportsman on soi 13 best in pattaya by a long way
  9. mate try the areca lodge good hotel and a nice pool and only 5 minute walk to the beach
  10. the airports ok, you can get free internet and there is a food place that sells chicken burgers and chips etc qatar is a very good airline, you will have no problems, you have made a good choice
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