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  1. Dr Mick

    The Haka

    I can tell you lots but ,what happens on tour stops on tour
  2. Dr Mick

    The Haka

    I think England like it as it also get them fired up haha
  3. Dr Mick

    The Haka

    Come no issue with it ,its tradition and we must keep traditions with Ruby ,the no1 sport for me .I will be back in uk next year for all the world cup ,i have tickets for 7 games ,so looking forward to it.
  4. Updated our trip news Surry and his good lady will also be stopping at the Residence Gardens from 13th Feb ,think for 5 nights. So the old gang is all meeting up ,but best behavior boys as Lin will be with use haha
  5. Just put all in a folder binder with see through sleeves ,Have a front index with page numbers ,so very easy for info to be found .
  6. Thanks MM ,just sent booking form. Jerrol ,Scott ,Kevin ,Bobby see you all 14th Feburary ,stopping 4 nights before going back to khon kaen.
  7. Has Link now gone to book Residence Garden ,was thinking of stopping there as my friends Jerrol ,Tangent and Polar stopping there in Feb. Or do i just book direct and ask mention FLB rate Thanks for help.
  8. so you support many teams are you planning to go to world cup maybe fly back to uk together . See Below link who will be selling tickets http://supportertours.rugbyworldcup.com/travel_home.aspx I see England got many injuries for sat so nearly same team as last Saturday ,only 1 change
  9. So who is your team,So it must be Scotland ,at least you get tickets for the scotish world cup games haha . Italy v Fiji 14:00 England v New Zealand 14:30 Wales v Argentina 14:30 France v Tonga 17:00 Ireland v Australia 17:45
  10. yes looking forward ,to improve for future world 1cup chances we must play the best all the time and you get no better than NZ. But saying what i have just said why Scotland play Japan not good preparation for them for sure. World Cup tickets /tours for 2015 world cup come out jan 2015 ,i am going back to uk for the full length(6 weeks) and be looking for tickets for 10 games ,think will only get if you join tour like with gullivers .I have registered with a usa ,a europe and uk tour companies already.Most England game tickets will be issued to rugby union clubs around the world.
  11. shit i just said a business for sale here in khon kaen,also said ,As im no business owner the price is 900,000 bahts so where this is good or bad im unsure. No wonder im posting less less now adays. Like somebody already said Can't be bothered ,Im same now
  12. Im same i ask my lady if she wanted me to buy place for her to manage ,she said no thank you i like only taking care of you and our daughter ie house wife . The guy who has place at moment is a younger german guy ,his wife mange place with 2 others. Be good for a family who have a young wife and maybe a teenage daugher to help. Do get many studants in from khon kaen uni .
  13. I know he has not been open that long ,but he has done well in the PRO in this short time ,Its a shame he is selling up as he always make time to have drinkand chat to all his customers.Me and Lin do like going there also my daughter like his take away pizza.He only selling up as him and his family moving out of thailand as he ben ofered a good job.
  14. from trip advisor http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g297926-d3731305-Reviews-Mickey_s_Pizza-Khon_Kaen_Khon_Kaen_Province.html Ranked #1 of 103 restaurants in Khon Kaen 39 Reviews Cuisines: Pizza Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Reservations, Delivery, Late Night Description: We don't call ourself a restaurant. We are a bistro / Pizzashop and in the evening you can also feel a bit like in a bar. Nice lights, music, modern and hip atmosphere. We don't have bargirls and we will never have!Our prices are low, also our drinks are cheap. We have 12 different beers at th
  15. A good friend of mine is selling his Pizza Bar business here in Khon Kaen ,some time next year as he is moving away from Thailand because of work. My mate has done well with this place he is a good front man and his Thai lady manage the business. Mix customers of all ages thais and farangs. It has good reports on trip advisor. Its not a large place ,can be run by 2/3 people . So if you have had enough of pattaya and like a small business which has good reputation now Think the most attractive of this business has bar inside and outside seating areas and comes with 3 storey ac
  16. I would never want to live in Pattaya ,I dont think a nice place for children or if you are in a relationship. I do like living in Khon Kaen ,but a little too hot in summer months ,I do miss the breeze coming off the sea ,so maybe thinking about hua hin when daughter is ready to change to senior school in 3 years
  17. Dont think large leo be 49 bhts now ,as this and many thai beers have just had price increase ,think gov tax. A large leo at 7/11 now is 54 think a box is 560 bhts for 12 large about 47 bhts for bottle.
  18. This year i used Qatar from BKK to Manchester Great flight ,good staff ,good food . Only thing i did not like was the transfere in Doha bus to terminals ,took ages .But I have been told this will not happen in future as doing major changes to airport ,so next time im due to go back to uk is in 2015 so i hope changes are made by then
  19. FLB league has just apeared now on my fantasy team
  20. Thanks Ron ,Patts mmmmmmmmmmmm it is too romantic for sure haha ,have it in sunny scunny
  21. As i have been ask many times about how I go on when i applie for a UK 6month visitors I thought i could pass this on here ,for free ,yes free. I did get a visa for my lady in 2010 ,using similar information i am now using for our next visa which is for August ,but this is a special visitor visa for getting married in the uk this time. But saying this the same information is still required and to be proved by hard fact evidance. What is her visit for How long have you known each other ,not talking on telephon e,on facebook ect ,but face to face meetings. Do She or you have money
  22. I live in a rented detached house both my nabours are Thai ,no issue with them In fact one helped me the other day ,my ground storage water tank over flowed ,due to ball valve u/s My Thai nabour fitted a valve for me ,I paid for new valve but he would not take any money for fitting it. I could not do my self as now i have very poor eye sight. The man direct across from my house is from UK ,very nice man who is retired same as me ,also he sells great meat pies and beef burgers ,also he gets good bacon and sausages from Pattaya in which I buy from him
  23. web site down ,im back to manchester in Aug ,prices with these were just under £1000 ,I booked with Quatar but still expensive just under £900 ,never mind not been home for 3 years
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