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  1. I always look forward to your Monkeywatch posts. Many thanks for your efforts.
  2. They cancelled the Frog Trampling Contest? Bastards! I've practicing all year!
  3. What with all the flight cancellations going on there's going to be a lot less CO2 dumped into the upper atmosphere. Don't know what effect that's going to have on global warming, but it can't hurt.
  4. Nope, we're not in the Shengen Area. Don't think we ever have been.
  5. From another source: The temporary ban will also be applicable on people coming from Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria and Thailand. "This decision comes as a preventive measure due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide," Qatar government said in a statement dated March 8. According to the statement, the temporary suspension of entry would affect all individuals intending to enter from these countries, including visas upon arrival, those with residence or work permit, and temporary visitors. Qatar Airways had announced temporary suspension of flights to and from Italy, one of the countries worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier in the day, sources said Qatar Airways has stopped flights from India. However, an airline spokesperson clarified that passengers from India cannot take the flight if their final destination is Doha but would be allowed to take connecting flights, without stepping out of the Doha airport. If that's the case,it's likely that they will allow travellers from the other banned countries to to take connecting flights. Worth checking with the airline......
  6. Is this what you're referring to? If so, it looks as though they are only going to ban travelers from Thailand from entering the country. They may still allow passengers from Thailand to transit through the airport.
  7. Interesting. Could you elaborate on that, please?
  8. Yes, it is a good price, especially since, for some unknown reason, they put me in in Premium Economy for the BKK - MUC return leg!
  9. Just booked for May next year. £446 on Lufthansa via Frankfurt. Transit times are good both ways, arround 1 hour 40 mins. Booked on budgetair.co.uk via Google flights.
  10. Thanks Monkeyman. Brightened up a dull day in Yorkshire!
  11. Thanks Monkeyman. Another chucklesome edition of your monthly musings
  12. Thanks Monkeyman. Always look forward to monthly ramblings!
  13. Thanks Monkeyman, you brought a smile to my face
  14. Excellent stuff, as usual.
  15. Thanks Monkeyman, the spade joke got me laughing!
  16. Thanks Monkeyman, you never fail to make me chuckle.
  17. Thank you for your complete and unabridged round up of the happenings in funtown
  18. "It's shown in the google earth program on a PC, but perhaps not in a browser." Good thinking, MM!
  19. "Bet he’s glad he doesn’t come from Grenada." Priceless! Thanks for making me laugh!
  20. Well, I was back in Patts for my birthday in May and spent some time wandering around the sois between Buakhaow and Third Rd and came across a place called Pattayanis pretty much in the same place discussed earlier in this thread. Thay had a board outside with photos of what was on offer and there was much more than Souvlaki on there. For anyone interested here's a link to their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pattayanis-greeklicious/175903375851277 Cheers Michael
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