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  1. Yo may check out the Adelphi. It should be 5-10 min walking to LK. I have stayed there last year and it`s good value for the money. Low season price should be around 35$ per night. Link to Agoda: https://www.agoda.com/adelphi-pattaya-hotel/hotel/pattaya-th.html?checkin=2018-08-17&los=14&adults=2&rooms=1&searchrequestid=6ddbc991-bb62-4268-ae52-0ac03bded20a&tabbed=true
  2. Congrats to all english board members. The curse is finally broken, the half final is in reach. Have some cold ones
  3. 45 min to the start of the England Game. As a strictly neutral observer I hope it goes into penalty shootout English supporter Columbian supporter
  4. Well it`s now the second time we went unprepared into Russia .
  5. Paris (AP) — giant order from China for Airbus: The people's Republic concluded an agreement on more than 100 aircraft with the European aircraft manufacturer. The total value amounted to $14 billion (10 billion euro) to list prices. President Hu Jintao in Paris signed contracts Thursday at the State visit of the Chinese President, as reported by the French Presidency. New orders are for 66 aircraft to Airbus. The contract value is $ 7.8 billion (5.5 billion euro). The new orders it include 50 aircraft of the A320 family, six of the twin-engine A330 widebody jets and ten of the new type A350 XWB. After the bad news for the emergency landing of its prestige aircraft of the A380 Airbus positive news for the EADS subsidiary came just at the right moment. On the stock exchanges, the EADS shares were previously collapsed because of damage to the engine on the world's largest passenger aircraft. The Australian airline of Qantas aircraft with 459 people was on Thursday in Singapore due to engine breaks down emergency landed, and the Australians declined all subsequent flights with the A380.
  6. Didn`t Big Dumbster opend a specific thread, where he said, he will keep away from the forum? Looks like that was a lie again.
  7. Oh yes, Norton is complete shit. I run a combination of SpyBot Search and Destroy against Trojans and Antivir against Viruses. Had no problems for over 2 years. Antivir is available as Freeware as well. Link: http://www.free-av.de/en/index.html
  8. I use SpyBot and it`s working fine. It`s freeware. Here is the link: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/home/index.html
  9. I have stayed in the AL in July. I cannot commend on the twin beds, always hat a double. Areca Wing is the back part if i rember right. Construction noise was minimal, no problem for me at all. If you want the cheaper price, you have to pay up front with sawadee, that`s the deal. I have stayed at the Areca about 8 times so far an the place gives a good value for Baht 1.050 a night, including breakfast. Have a good trip!
  10. Talking about subsidies: The US car makers are getting a 25 Billion US $ credit from the state, to finally develop economical cars. I hope. stooge Nr. 1 stops to complaining about Airbus subdidies now. Us Tax payer US Car Makers.
  11. Maybe they will stop the procurement for a new tanker when the US public finds out, that Boing is developing the planes with shitty french software. (Dassault Systemes) , and all A1 Abraham tanks will be wrecked, cause they use a 122 mm Rheinmetall (German) gun. Nothrop Grumman has announced today, that they stopped the building of the new plant for the A330 tanker in Alabama. Looks like the lobbyists of Boing have pushed the right triggers in Washington DC. US Tax payer: :Boing
  12. Some more bad news for both. According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung (South German Newspaper), normally a very reliable source, Airbus and Boing have anounced further delays with A380 an 787. Airbus: The delvery shedule for the A380 will be delayed. In 2008, only 12 A380 will be delivered (plan was 13) in 2009, 21 A380 will be delivered (plan was 25) Boing: Even worse:The planned production rate of 10 787`s per month will be reached in 2012! (plan was 2009) This leads to heavy delays in the delivery for some airlines. Examples: Air Canada`s 787`s will arrive 30 month later in average. Air Berlin ( Germany`s second biggest airline ), told , that the 25 orders will be delayed behind the shedule, that was given by Boing in April. Reasons given by Airbus: The manufacturing of the wiring takes longer than expected. Boing: The suppliers are not able to match the delivery shedule.
  13. I have stayed in the Areca about 7 or 8 times. Yes, the Hotel is frequented by familys as well. The usually try to place the familys and the asian package tourists in the front building and the single male travellers in the back building . Never had a problem bringing a different girl everynight. If you bring back 2 girls, there is a joiner fee for the 2nd girl, 300 Bath. They insist on the ID Card of the girl. No ID no boom boom. So ask your girl for her ID before you pay barfine! I always enjoyed my stay in the Areca and will be back in less than 2 month .
  14. They have Exec Rooms in the back building too. I think one on each floor, beside the Deluxe Rooms overlooking the back pool. The main difference compared to the Deluxe Room is the room size. IMHO not worth the 850 Baht more the charge compared to the Deluxe Room.
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