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  1. However, remember, it is not funny to a liberal!
  2. Close! In the USA, Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday in November. This is sometimes the last Thursday of November, but not always!
  3. Paper that gives one ownership in a real company with real assets that is producing real products and generating a real cash flow year after year! What is gold producing and generating for you?
  4. Read a report a couple of days ago about Chinese tourism to Thailand. Stated that many Chinese travel to Bangkok and Pattaya for Chinese New Year, however, this year it is down 90%. Not sure where I read it, but probably the Wall Street Journal.
  5. Another alternative is no fee ATM cards. They have been reported elsewhere on PT. For example, I have a Schwab brokerage account and also a checking account with their bank. I have an ATM card with this checking account which not only charges no fees but reimburses all fees paid to other banks when using the ATM card. I have been using it for several years now with no problems. It usually takes a day or two for the fees paid to other banks to be credited back to my account but it has always worked fine. The exchange rates are excellent as well. I read the Wall Street Journal regularl
  6. Like most Americans I never pay much attention to America's Cup and was only mildly interested this time around given the incredible comeback. However I am with MM and don't feel like its much of a victory for the U.S. and I'll probably go back to ignoring this in the future like most in this country.
  7. There was only one American on the crew. The captain was Aussie and I believe the boat was built in New Zealand! But the money (Oracle Corp) was American!
  8. Just realized the mistake made in the final sentence of my above post. I can't edit the post at this point. Here is how it should read: It is far more complex than taking care of cavities, performing a root canal and installing a crown and most dentists really do not have the proper training and experience to meet my demands for a safe and proper crown implant installment.
  9. A few years ago I had a 20+ year old bridge fail. For reasons not relevant to the discussion here, I could not install a new bridge and thus needed two new implants. Due to the lack of teeth in this spot for 20+ years I also needed bone augmentation surgery prior to implant surgery. So my overall implant procedure was a bit complicated and I did a lot of research before proceeding. I found that drilling a hole for an implant is far more complex than drilling for cavities. They will be drilling near nerves and if they hit a nerve you may have problems in your jaw or mouth for the rest
  10. It really depends upon the time of year. I flew Korean Air from Las Vegas to Inchon then to Bangkok in early July on Business Class. It was pretty full to Inchon and fairly empty to Bangkok. On the way back in the middle of August I was the only one in 1st class from Bangkok to Inchon but then it was full from Inchon to Las Vegas. I was unable to book Business Class from Inchon to Las Vegas in the middle of August.
  11. Yes Evil, that is exactly what I found. The prices in LOS are not competitive.
  12. Just thought I would update this topic I bit. Recently returned from a month and a half in Thailand. While in Bangkok I did check around a few optical shops and could not find the latest daily wear contact lens that have immensely increased the amount of oxygen that gets to the eyes. Additionally the contact lens I did price were more expensive that what I pay in the U.S.
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