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  1. Anyone used this service? http://www.pttaxiservice.com
  2. No it's not the same girl. The top is same color but the straps are different. The girl in red shorts has shoulder straps and the other girl has a neck strap. Ate there a few times last trip and will be back again especially on these FL promo nights. Some nice looking girls there for sure. Thanks for posting them.
  3. HAHAHAHA At what point did I rile you?? I asked you a question you moron. I'll send you some Mickey Mouse videos to watch. I hope his high voice doesn't offend you?
  4. Seeing as you posted the link, I was wondering how often do you go looking at the Ladyboy Forum?? Here's a pic just for you PS: This is an open forum numbnuts
  5. Thanks Mark. Some lookers in that bunch I'd like to play with. I'll make them smile back in my loom later hehe. Thanks for posting the pics. edit: 26 pictures 15 girls are smiling (and some pics are doubles) WTF are the numbnuts above talking about?? That's not too bad.
  6. Ciao Roberto. Welcome and good luck with your business. I will come down and have a drink and a meal with you next time I'm in Pattaya. La dolce vita
  7. I found this today on another forum. I thought I would share it here. Speaks for itself really.
  8. Where the fuck does it say on this post the word "Prostitute"? You are the first person that has used it and labeled these girls. I find your comment of these girls offensive. PS: Make that a squeaky red nose because I wanna squeeze it if and when I ever meet him
  9. I went to Misty's 2 or 3 times in Feb and had a great night out. Some very hot girls on my lap and all smiles. Even the Mamasan bought me and my mates a round. I'll always put this place on my list every visit as I felt very comfortable when there. The place was busy each time as well. Why do people whine over 20c/40c is beyond me?
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