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  1. I arrived a couple of days ago, can confirm, no errors ,, good servive (and a fast ride too )
  2. 1. Led Zeppelin 2. The Rolling Stones 3. Deep Purple 4. Doors 5. Queen SUBS - Iron Maiden
  3. Be glad it's not the lower "nit noy"
  4. Norton, since they remake the prg it using less memory and working smoth.
  5. Hmm, getting inspired, i should have some pics from my first visit in BKK back in '69. For sure have some from '77 but now i have to find them too. Been moving around a lot but i give it a try.
  6. asco


    lol, me too, ticket booked
  7. asco


    It is not entirely successful to allow two puppies grow up together at the same time, they will be marked too much on each other for my taste. But, of course it depends on whether you want a dog or a piece of jewelry. (trained service dogs for 30 years now lol)
  8. Scandinavia is left out from the poll.
  9. .....as a seaman in the merchant marine 1969 (Klong Toey BKK) the rest is history
  10. Does that means i have some place to sleep at when i coming to Patta ya?
  11. Hi Ed! One of those days you will find a lost swedish guy standing outside your bar with vodka and cheece in his hand asking, please do yo have a bastard called Ed working here?
  12. Andy, consider work in other countrys in Asia and live in Thailand. Sadly the Thai's don't want our skills just our money
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