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  1. Okay Cisero, I apologize for my tone in responding to your posts...and I am sorry ....let me explain why I was so ruffled up...in Udon there are not that many quality options for hotel or restaurant, within proximity to the main bar district...there is Irish Clock, another Hostel type place, Yellow Bird, and the four star next to Robinsons mall(centauri)....all of them have joiners fees, and Yellow bird and Centauri are much higher joiners fees as well as being more expensive.... The reason I responded to your post the way I did was because if you write off Irish Clock by voting with your
  2. No connection what so ever....I have only been a customer...
  3. Okay, I have calmed down....sorry if i hurt anyones feelings....I am just sick and tired of "professional Hospitality Complainers".....these are people who bitch about irrelevant things and miss the overall splendor of a particular business. I got small portions, their bacon is too dry, I had to pay this or that, that mexican restaurant has salty chips, I was charged 30 baht more for my beer, and the complaining goes on and on and on...... My point is that frivolous complainers such as what is occuring on this thread cost businesses money...one of my fondest memories of Udon was the ti
  4. Okay Roman Boy!...your stupid post really has my tail feathers rustled up! .....Fuck You Cisero!....you do not know jack shit about Udon, and you are idiotically writing off one of the wonderful places in that city! ....I have many happy enjoyable memories at the Irish Clock! In the name of Gaui Seutonius Paulinus--Fuck You! I think all of you professional complainers should be banned from the board
  5. Okay, I have a lady friend out near Udon, and I have frequented the Irish Clock many times....It is a wonderful place!....I am extremely annoyed that this thread is being used to ream on that wonderful pub ...and I can already tell that idiots who have never visited Udon are going to post on this thread Let me say categorically that the Irish Clock is a wonderful place!...This bitching about 200 baht is really out place, as are the other idiots posting this thread!
  6. with all this talk about Mexican food I am headed out to Taco Bell right now! P.S. and of course i will be picking up some Dos Equis to wash it down!
  7. Frankly, what I am trying to understand, is why anyone would think anyone would pay those prices? Unless landlord is looking for a mob organization that would pay those prices to launder money.
  8. Yes!...I see it....I have my orientation back...Now the everying makes sense to me! :grin :grin
  9. I guess for me, I need that "view new posts" tab on the first page....guess I am getting older and should understand...I am so confused!
  10. What kind of Sociopath are you Joe?....There were 6 to 10 million human beings brutally murdered by a collection of Nazi psychopaths who began their campaign of Murder by telling "Jewish Jokes" in a beer hall in Germany. Joe, you are not funny, your posts are not funny, the OP's post is not funny!
  11. And you should delete your joke as well Joe, as it was not funny
  12. The Holocaust began in a German beer hall by individuals who told Jewish jokes like the one in this thread...The history is real, the Murder of millions was real...the atrocious medical experiments were real, the herding of human beings into trains like cattle was real......the screams of millions Murdered by the Nazi's in the gas chambers was real....All Human beings have a duty to gaurantee that the Holocaust never happens again......by immediately shutting down Jewish jokes, and stopping the jokes, is just one way we make sure the Holocaust is never repeated.....IMHO the OP should just dele
  13. Not Funny....Not Funny at all.....Millions of Jews Murdered by the Nazi's, Families obliterated in the most horrible circumstances....The Nazi's started their campaign of Murder in a beer hall telling jokes like the one in this thread ...Not Funny
  14. Lol...I was making a joke....i was not in any way wanting to debate or banter regarding the original post...to tell you the truth, I dont care about lights, cops reading newspapers, eating donuts, sleeping....I dont care...I was making a joke about it because I found it hilarious that anyone could care about how Pattaya cops enforce the traffic lights :lol:
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