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  1. Well technically I dont keep anything for emergencies but only go grocery shopping once a month.
  2. I work long hours so don't wanna be wasting my weekends doing mundane stuff like grocery shopping so I do a monthly buy up, for bread and milk I grab that from the 7/11 and bakery, both of which are a 2 minute walk from home. Power used to go out often but usually not for more than an hour or 2, the genset is a freebie from work and its here to keep the fish tank running during those outages. I hope that satisfies your curiosity.
  3. ive enough food (frozen and canned) and water to last me a month and a genset to keep the fridge and freezer powered.
  4. I hope the fine is large and the deportation quick.
  5. Bit of rain the other night, Tunnel was fine and for it to flood the water would need to be higher than this walk over.
  6. Wasnt the opening delay due to not being able to find qualified operators to run the tunnel, and now they are saying vital safety systems are defective ?
  7. A tunnel under Tai and threpasit is planned. Doing my weekly shopping at foodland yesterday it was nice to be finally able resume my normal route, shopping and travel time under an hour its been years since that was possible unless I went shopping at 6am.
  8. Make sure your piss is clean and you wont have any issues, unless you are caught balls deep in an on-site short time room.
  9. Then they start on the Tai to threpasit tunnel.
  10. Nice quick sale, congrats. Been thinking of selling mine to upgrade to a new one. Mine is 2012 model with alloy rims and combi brakes. Has 7400km on the odo. Was hoping I could get 25k for it, seems this is an achievable number.
  11. Your health insurance happily covers your known treatment outside of you home country ?
  12. Note to self. leave car at home. Rent one instead.
  13. Given that Yamaha has removed these from sale, as it ages will it be supported with spare parts ?
  14. he has the red one. Tyres provide great grip in both wet and dry conditions, also pretty decent out riding the dirt trails.
  15. 574k for the Honda. We put different bars on my managers scrambler (Pro Taper - Pastrana FMX) on a 1 inch rise, also relocated the speedo central over the top of the tank. much more comforatble to ride he tells me.
  16. by all reports they are a great bike. I refuse to ride my managers......... cause I don't want to head to ducati and buy one myself. Next in the stable will be a Honda CB1100 EX for me I reckon.
  17. My Manager has the Scrambler, he loves it and has done 2000km since he got it 2 months ago. Not a problem at all being air cooled. He is 6ft 3" and about 85kgs and he find it plenty powerful enough and very comfortable.
  18. The AC will be powered by the van. I agree financially they make no sense though given the availability of cheap accommodation.
  19. I guess that is why they have air conditioning fitted (Pod thingos on the roof).
  20. Be interesting the see some "after" pics when all that crap caked onto their faces is removed.
  21. Lucky I also mention in my post about anywhere you see this sign then hey........
  22. There is an inspection station at the Transport Dept ( I assume you are doing it at Regents). It is slightly further up the road from the DLT on the left. Alternatively anywhere you see this sign.
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