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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was in your place this afternoon and enjoyed the experience. Pleasant staff & relaxed atmosphere, looked like mostly regulars. It was strange sitting at the front of the bar & watching the Barbie bar regulars stare back. The dress of the day seems to be naked to the waist (not a good look) This is strollers walking past not the regulars in the bar. Barbie bar has now a newish sign (a long time since I have ventured there) stating guess what (buy 1 get 1 free ). The 2 bars either side of Barbie bar were Whiskers (no customers no bogof) and the other (1st bar or last bar packed) so the competition is obviously working for the benefit of the casual customer. I strolled over to the chinkee place opposite and ordered a chicken curry with fried rice. They brought it over in about 10 - 15 mins, but couldnt finish it as it was far too much for me to eat. Very tasty & just right spiciness. A very happy afternoon passed by for the price of 6 shang (210B) & the meal (no idea of the price but very cheap) cheers rogero :beer
  2. I get Sky News here in Pattaya & they have just announced that Balotelli and City have brokered a deal to avoid legal action. They also showed a clip of Balotelli attempting unsuccessfully to wrap a Xmas present. His reason why he couldn't do it is hes left handed !! cheers Rogero :beer
  3. I think seven have stopped dishing out the stamps since mid Nov & you have until mid Dec to redeem any you still have. If you use seven on a regular basis the stamps quickly accumulate. I picked up the deckchair, a backpack and a few of the cool lunch bags. cheers rogero :beer
  4. I was in there (Benjamit) today and agree the capp is excellent but price was small @ 40B and large capp 45B perhaps in response to the nearby previously mentioned coffee shop where the capp is 35B cheers rogero :beer
  5. Hi all I cashed in my first voucher (250 pts) last week at Ali Baba . They accepted my printout without hesitation & I had an enjoyable curry. I had overordered as usual but they happily gave me a doggy bag. My next target is either a bottle of champagne or morbidly a professional last will & testiment. I hope the champagne wins out cheers rogero :beer http://tinyurl.com/fpthai/ref/NDcw
  6. The magic box & 3/6/12 month subscriptions are all available on Freeplayo @ 7999 / 1940 / 3400 / 6000 points check the link for more details. I signed up a few weeks ago & am currently at 1850 points. Delete if inappropriate http://tinyurl.com/fpthai/ref/NDcw cheers :beer rogero
  7. Yes, its a very pleasant sensation at Erawan waterfalls, but I made sure I wasn't the 1st one to try this. After no-one was dragged in, I ventured in & enjoyed the experience. Later we had the opposite effect when a few hours afterwards we went to the hot springs. I assumed they would be warmish but I was shocked at the heat generated in the very first pool straight from the bowels of the earth (slight exaggeration !) I settled for one of the drain-off pools which were still bloody hot. Luckily there was a bar close by with cold large Leo's which cooled us down. cheers rogero :beer
  8. Yes also Pepsi has gone missing, perhaps same supplier as Tonic Water ? I almost cried yesterday at Friendship as I checked the yet again empty shelf where the tonic used to be. I got to the checkout to find the guy in front of me had about 10 to 12 cans of tonic in his basket ! cheers rogero :beer
  9. Same Same for me. I was in agony the full time. I squealed like a big girls blouse and then looked up after a while to see a gaggle of school kids had gathered around to witness the silly falang making a coont of himself. I made my excuses and left. cheers rogero :beer
  10. Hi Leelack I,ll reply to your post rather than repeating all the pix of the OP. Great info & guidance. I wandered thro the plaza a few times but everyone seems to be linked up with mates so didn't loiter with intent. Seems to be my sort of place (cheap beer ) & free pool ! Must return soon ! cheers rogero :beer
  11. I agree with your comment about Doha stop overs. At first I thought 1.5 hours was going to be a rush job but still had time for a visit to duty free & a quick shower & drinks at the silver lounge. When you "check in" at the lounge they come and tell you where your flight is loading. I,ve been upgraded a couple of times and their attention on board has been exceptional. I like it when when they address me by name & come looking for me to ask me for my meal pre-order. Very small thing but makes me feel pampered (I,m easily pleased ) Last trip I was still being fed gin&Tonics as the plane approached swampy. cheers rogero :beer
  12. good one sam I'm loving this thread, Keep posting cheers rogero (wheres my beer icons gone ?)
  13. Dennis at Metro Apartments usually has his ladies decked out in the relevant rugby shirts when he is showing a match, so he would know where to purchase. cheers rogero :beer
  14. Oh dear what a shame. Does that mean we will not be subject to his cut & paste comments about the aviation industry. He tried to pass off other peoples well researched opinions as his own until he was challenged on it and reluctantly put a little "quote" at the end but anyone who reads bigD would know immediately it was not his own work as his own postings are littered with spelling mistakes (surely not Cambridge induced !) cheers rogero :beer
  15. Hi Severn Funny enough just signed up for a long stay insurance with this lot yesterday (1 year duration). Normally never bothered about travel/health insurance but a friend of mine was hospitalised some months ago when a drunk driver piled into him as he was trying to exit a bathbus. The drunk driver (french as was my friend) was charged & his PP seized. A few days he left the country after having his PP returned so he could raise some money to pay my friends compensation. Needless to say he hasn't been back since, My friend then found out his health insurance had expired a few weeks before & he had a very unpleasant stay at a basic hospital with no extras. cheers rogero :beer
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